Headache...bannging blooming neverending headache

Well I've had this headache for 3 days now and along with an aching body and feeling so exhausted even though I have just had at least 8 hours sleep I am just so so low in mood, oh and I keep getting blooming awful spots on my face and body even though I've been on anti biotics for them for months now it is all just getting me down, so I have made an appointment to go see my Dr today, I really hope she can help me but I've got this real negitave voice in my head saying she won't...I've got to try and be more positive!!

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  • Its hard to keep positive when you are feeling like that, but try your best and think of a nice warm sunny day, sitting outside, maybe having a drink or being with your family x

  • Thank you I am feeling a little better now just by speaking to my Dr and getting advice on here all helps I am sitting in my garden now and enjoying the warm sun :) xx

  • Hi ness h

    Sorry to hear how bad things are for you! Hope things improve for you and you get some positive answers..I too have had really quite horrible headaches for the the last three weeks,, mine is down to the changing weather and the start of hay fever,, which gets worse every year!!

    just wondered do you have seasonal allergies??

  • Thank you for your advice, there could maybe be something there as I have been feeling sniffly too so maybe some alergy tablets would help too xx

  • My first thought when i have bad headaches is am i hydrated enough the second is ibruprofen. Of all the strong painkillers I have ibruprofen works best on headaches ffor me. Stress, noise and hayfever bring them on to.

    Make a list before you go to DRs so you don't miss and key points. Have you had any CBT training on how to deal with Chronic Pain? I had a nine week course one morning a week on how to deal with issues like what I CAN do not to focus on what I CANT do. It's ok to feel lost and wallow in the pity pit for a bit. But climbing out and building a positive frame of mind is essential to recovery. Talk to people don't keep it locked in, prioritise what is important? Are there things we can delegate, an afternoon siesta is a must even in cold England not the sunny Mediterranean . I think it is also important to grieve for our past life before we go on and how long is an individual thing.

    Bright blessings and a big ball of positivity rolling your way! 😀

    Patrick x

  • Thank you Patrick for your advice, I have now been to see my Dr and she is refering me for CBT so am pleased about that. as for the headaches as I on the maximum dosage for many of my tablets it could be caused by the actual tablets so I have to try reducing where I can to see if it helps. Im also going to try taking siestas in the afternoon to see if that helps too so we will see but i am feeling a little more positive now. I just want to thank you again as I didn't even know about CBT so if it weren't for you and this group I wouldn't have known what to ask for xx

  • My pleasure, I only found this site a short time ago but I am now a daily visitor. It is UK orientated, has loads of info and a really friendly homely feel (thank you administrators!)

    I think the best approach is for you to take ownership of your illness, read up on it then approach GP about tablets or referral to specialist. Maybe a diary of when your head aches start and when they are worst may help you spot a pattern. As with most things stress will probably rear its ugly head. After the CBT you should have an action plan which might include head and neck manipulation. I have a friend who says it works wonders for her once a month.

    Best of luck, keep in touch

    Patrick x

  • Hi Ness, I too suffer with really bad tension headaches at times. Unfortunately Nurofen don't do anything for them and I have heard that a lot of painkillers don't work as effectively for people with fibro which is great when all you are trying to do is get rid of the pain. Anyway I have found that cranial osteopathy has helped to settle things and also relaxation exercises can help, if I can catch it in time and do the breathing and relaxation exercise before it has fully set in. Like always it is a case of trial and error with trying to find the right combination for you. Good luck I hope you manage to get on top of things and feel better soon.

    Gentle hugs, Steph

  • Thank you I will try that xx

  • I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with getting rid of your headache.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi spots can be two or more things but one is get your hormones checked as could be like so many low in progesterone both male and females need it source of many problems like pmt for one.

    Also if your on anti biotics you need plenty of live yogurt(not fancy fruit? sugar filled or additive filled tosh)as antibiotics kill all the good bacteria also so you get secondary infections because of it.

    but look up about progesterone and what it does as not sure if i can post a link up of a website that i found that explains about it

  • Thank you I will do that :)

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