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The eyes have it!

Old problem eyes wont come into focus properly this morning keep rubbing and cleaning glasses but to no availe. I know it is Fibro related but it is such a nusance now they a re bleary again and sort of smudgy.

Do you find one aspect improves and then another takes over giving you grief! I do and it is most anoying. Stillmon a positive note my Mummy bandages have at last begun to work and leg is clearing up just looks as if I have different skin from knee to ankle (nearly wrote \Uncle there oops) It still itches but that is much better. So I should be feeling jubilant and I am not. Really must take a grip of my self so I hall get up and go down the church coffee morning.

(I I can be bothered such a effort today)

Have a good day my friends catch you later xgins

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Sooo you are under the care of dr Frankenstein the well know fibro specialist and he has give. You your uncles leg.... I hope it's the same length or you will have a limp to go with every other symptom..... On a really really possitve note... We should send you to atos .. The fact that you are technically 2 people with your uncles leg will not compute for them and they will probably give you O points and your leg the required 15,, or they may run round like headless chickens shouting does not compute exterminate exterminate ........

VG x


Gins, have you spoken to the doctor about this?

Whilst Fibro can seemingly cause some problems with focusing in some people (because focus involves muscles) and some Fibro meds can cause dry or sticky eyes, I would be concerned at assuming your symptoms are down to Fibro.

There are other conditions that can cause eye problems - Sjogrens Syndrome is one and as it's an autoimmune disease, people with that are more likely to also have Fibro so it's not uncommon for them to go hand-in-hand.

If you haven't been recently checked out regarding this, it would be best to get checked out - possibly both by a doctor and an optometrist.


Good point Lindsey , I have this problem and after visiting optician and gps and finding nothing wrong my gp said it was a side affect of my anti depressants and they suit me so well I would rather stay on them than mess about chopping and changing as its not every day I get burred vision. Obviously not today Gins but read the side affects of your meds see if any mention burred vision you could then mention that to your gp. See I can answer your posts sensibly... But it's sooo hard :P

VG x


Very impressed VG! ;) :P (giggle!)


Hope you managed to make the church coffee morning today Gins, it would have done you good! :)

Hope you see your GP too and manage to sort the eye situation out. I sympathise with you as I wear glasses for reading only and I spend my days cleaning them when they're clean already as it all seems smudgy and bleary. I am going to mention this to my GP too!

Wishing you all the best Gins, take care. (((hug))) x


Guys I did make the meeting at church where I got a room full of ladies to make christmas trees - what a giggle - frankinstein did not turn up

My eyes have calmed since this morning and I will mention them to the Doc next time i amthere. Thanks for all your concern hugs gins


It's our pleasure Gins, so pleased you made it today! It will have done you good, especially making Christmas trees, the festive season is zooming in isn't it! :)

Please let us know how you get on at the Doctors regarding your eyes. Take care! :) xx


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