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Morning just to say thanks

Just reading posts while having my coffee. Waiting to leave for hospital. Broke my leg and foot in several places 11 weeks ago. Had op with pins and plate added to my leg. My leg hasn't been healing, so hopefully I won't need another op it will now be all ok.

Anyway I diverse. I just wanted to say I so enjoy reading the posts. It makes me feel normal. I've felt different for so long its good to see I'm not weird. Well lots of people I know will disagree with that statement. I'm just so pleased to read about other people like myself. It does give me the push I need to know it isn't just me. xxxxx

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Your not alone hunni we're all nuts here lol in a nice way

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What are you suggesting? LOLOLOL





xxx sian


I gotta be the nuttiest ever and everyone who hangs out with me is nuts cos I'm totally nuts :-D :-P ;-) 0:) :-d

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On a scale of nuts.............

............ which is the nuttiest? :P

xxx sian :D :P :D :P :D


I'm on the ricta scale when I'm nuts the whole earth moves lolololololol @-d :-D :-d ;-d :-P



I am so Pistachio'd with envy now ehehehheheheeh :P

At my nuttiest I'd be a 'walnut whip' :D

heehee :) heehee:)


Oi thats me as well,I must a monkey nuts. Uh ho I better run :-P :-D :-d Hahahaha


Don't need need 'nut crackers' for those LOLOLOL ;) ;) ;)

I think we're all monkey nuts really!!

hahahahahah :P


:-P :-P :-P :-P


So glad that you have enjoyed the companionship and support it is wonderful to know it is out there in this kind community. Hope it is a good news at the hospitalx


Hi lola :)

Thankyou for your lovely kind words it is always pleasant to read that members enjoy their time here and are getting the support and advice that they may need. I am glad that we're a comfort to you :)

I must also say welcome, because, you have found the right place for friendly info, support and advice :)

I'm sorry to hear about your leg as it must be causing tremendous pain and I do hope that you don't require another op and that it begins to heal soon :)

One thing that I have found is that healing with Fibromyalgia takes a lot longer than it normally would so 'touch-wood' that is the reason why it is taking longer to heal. of course I'm not a medical professional just speaking from personal experience :)

You can read all about Fibromyalgia on our Mothersite fibroaction.org and also all things connected to it. Also, at the top of the screen where it says 'All posts' click on it. When the new screen comes up on the right of the screen where it says Topics you will find a category titled 'FAQ Fibroaction' where there are some useful Fact sheets.

Please join in on the posts be it for a question, moan, giggle or even for a hug of support when the pain and symptoms get too much :)

I send you soft healing fluffie hugs and wish it goes well for you at the hospital.

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Yeah welcome Lola to our lovely group I hope you enjoy reading posts on here I find them very helpful gentle hugs, Ros xoxox


I read yesterday on the internet that to call someone normal is an insult so wear your nuts (badge) with pride. Hope all goes well with your leg, how horrid for you. X


Thank you lola65, that is so nice of you to compliment everybody, and it is very appreciated. I genuinely hope that everything went well at the hospital for you today?

Good luck

Ken x


I hope you're leg and foot heals. I see you drink coffee. Does that aggravate your joints and pain? I stopped drinking it over a month ago and would like to think that it helped, but there are still mornings where nothing seems to help (RA/Fibro).


Hi to be honest if I hurt I hurt, I can't ever put a reason to it. I have given up trying to do that. I have decided things in moderation are ok. Life could be completely rubbish with fibro, so why give up something you love. I have cut it down a lot, but I am not giving it up. I deserve treats.....



No sweetheart, it's actually astonishing how many people have fibro around the world. Hope you are having a great day!!! xxx Mitzi


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