Just wanted to give some advice to everyone who is using water bottles

Just wanted to give some advice to everyone who is using water bottles

Just wanted everyone using hot water bottles and using medication to watch how hot the bottles are , I have been using hot water bottles for over a year now and it is more like a comforter , as the cold hurts my back , and I'm in a lot of pain , even though I live in Western Australia and the temp yesterday was 41 degrees, I still use a hot water bottle, this is what happened to me without me knowing as the drugs I was on I couldn't feel any pain . This is what the bottle was doing to me . Please be careful.

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  • Oh my goodness. That looks extremely painful. I hope your back heals ok.

    I only use my heating pad when I get really bad or am just really cold and need my muscles to relax, like you do. Oh. I'm so sorry. I hope you recover quickly.

    Take care×××

  • WOW, that looks sore 😟 I never go anywhere without my HWB , but please NEVER ever use boiling water straight from the kettle , always let it cool or add some cold water from the tap, hope you're back heals soon, take care

  • Oh my that looks painful!! Hope it will heal soon.....Did you see a doctor? I always use wheat bags but you have to be careful with those as well as too hot they can burst into flame....Take care x

  • That is horrible do hope it clears up soon and has done nothing lasting damage. Yes many fibromites lose sensitivity in the skin and it is easy to get burnt. I have furry covers n mine and never put them on my bare skin but when you are desperate for comfort it is easily done. Take care of yourself and that is for the warning.x

  • Oh gosh, I seem to remember seeing something like that on here, cannot quite remember the cause, something hot though. Does that feel hot when it's not covered?

    I've travelled around the south western coast from Perth, where my cousin lives to Norseman and hitched across the Nullabor to Pt. Lincoln then Adelaide, where I was brought up :-) That journey may have been my swansong though :-(

    Hope your recovery is quick and thanks for the warning. Most fibromites seem to do better in dry but warm climates. We're all different though.

  • Hi terri19

    I did something very similar just before Xmas but not as bad as yours looks.

    As I bent down one day I coughed and felt something click,in my back.

    No matter how many painkillers and creams I put on it nothing would ease the pain except for the warmth of a hot water bottle. the hotter the bottle the more relief it gave me.

    I didn't realise there was anything wrong at first then one evening I could feel water running down my back.A line of water blisters had formed where I was putting the bottles and they had started to burst.

    I had a course of cream from the docs and stopped using the hotties ,but a sore lesson learnt for the future.

    In still use hotties but careful of the temperature of the water and where I place the bottles now.

    Hope that improves soon for you it looks very sore.

    Take care.



  • Crusee I seen this and thought of you and how bad you was wow you just don't think of things like that we should all be more careful xxx

  • Thank you bam Bambamsnan

    I certainly didn't realise at the time the damage I was doing,but learnt my lesson.



  • Hey Crusee , So sorry to hear this.Hope all is ok now.Be careful. Peck.🐤

  • Thank you peck

    All cleared up and back in business now but won't do it again.

    Hope you ok?



  • Yes Crusee I'm good, glad your burn is healed. Take care and be careful. Peck.🐤

  • Oh heck that looks sore. Who would have thought hwb could do that when applied through your clothes. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • Thank you for this post, many of us also have nerve damage resulting in altered sensation to heat/cold. I do hope you recover well xxx

  • Omgoodness what a mess, I hope it clears soon for you and all goes back to normal.

    Take care xx

  • Wow poor you. I hope your back as healed and you have no long lasting effects. Thank you for posting this warning i'm sure it will be a great help to many showing us the dangers of something as simple as using a hot water bottle.


  • terri19 , Oh my goodness, that looks painful.I hope and pray that you recover from this as I've never thought something like that could happen.I don't use or have never used a hot water bottle and know now that I never will.Bless you, take care.Peck 🐤

  • Wow that's terrible, shocking that you didn't feel it, will it clear up ? Why is it brown, or is it just the photo that makes it look brown ?.

    I'm always burning my hands & fingers, so i know it happens.

    Thanx for posting and making people aware of having this loss of feeling when taking strong pain relieving medication.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • That's from the heat off the hot water, burned my skin , it still looks like this now , sometimes worse sometimes a bit lighter, Dr says I'm prone to skin cancer now , so it's never to see the sun 😪

  • Wow that's shocking isn't it ? definitely made me bit more careful, I always put on my back, I do have thick cover on it but I will still be careful. I do get a lot of numbness too, so this always makes me a bit more aware. Does it hurt ?

  • Hi terri19

    Oh dear my friend, I really am so genuinely sorry to read this and see your photo. It must be so terribly painful. I want to sincerely wish you a speedy recovery and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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  • Hi Jan

    What is the problem my friend?

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    On their profile you'll see an option to Write a Message. Click on there and then write your message.

    Has there been a problem?



  • Hi terri19

    O my god that looks terrible I hope it's not also painful. I use a hot water bottle or a heat pad but only when I am really bad. I know how much it helps to reduce the pain. Have you shown this to your doctor? To me it looks like the skin has discoloured but I am no doctor. If that was me I would have to show it to my doctor. Take good care off yourself and try to stop using your hot water bottle if you can. Jan101 xxxxx

  • Hi Jan 101 , Iv shown the Dr and I have had some biopsys done , it's not painful at all, it was my grandson who noticed it when I was having a bath, it hasn't cleared at all , the dr says it could just fade a little lighter, but I'm 50 I don't go around with short tops on , even if it teaches 40 degrees, I wear bathers, so no one knows it's their . Thanks for your concerns to you and everyone on this sight , just wanted to tell you all what heat with medication can do to your skin without you knowing . Take care Terri x

  • Hi terri19

    I am really glad that you went to see the doctor also that your not in pain with it on top off what you already have. Thank you for letting me and the others know. You take good care and look after yourself. Jan101xxx

  • How awful for you. I can't imagine being without mine. Always with a cover and as advised never directly on bare skin. Please take care of your injury. Lots of love xxxxx

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