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Just wanted to say


I have had a good weekend, where I actually managed to get some things done, including washing living room curtains and shopping for a floor lamp. It may not sound s lot but is the most i have managed in ages and i am going to bed feeling i have accomplished something. Thought it would be nice to say something positive for a change. Goodnight everyone.

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That sounds wonderful my friend, and you have some satisfaction from it, so thumbs up!

Nite nite

Ken x

Shazzzy in reply to TheAuthor

Thanks Ken, hope you had a good sleep.

I am really impressed well done you! I hope you have managed to get some sleep as well !


Shazzzy in reply to Ginsing

Hi Gins, thanks for reply, have just woke up !


Isn`it wonderful when you have a good day and can get things done? They just don`t happen often enough. :P hugs sue

Shazzzy in reply to Hidden

Totally agree, thanks Maryrose.

Well done Shazzy, I don't think it doesn't sound a lot I think it's great that you achieved it, so kudos to you :-) I'm so pleased that you managed it and went to bed feeling you've achieved things and that is really great. It is lovely to hear a positive too. :-) :-)

Foggy x

Hi Foggy just wanted to share the good stuff too, will try and focus on that for a while. Thanks for reply. Xx


Days like that are fantastic, Hope you have more :)

Shazzzy in reply to Hidden

So do I, fingers crossed.x

Hi Sharon. Just as we need to hear about aches and pains it's really nice to hear of a bit of relief too. It makes it worthwhile. Special Frankincense scented hugs to you. :)

Excellent, often my mental checklist takes a month to complete when 15 years ago I could do it in a weekend. Glad to hear you had a successful one!! Others take for granted completing everyday or seasonal tasks. Yea! :) to you we need more gratifying moments.

Shazzzy in reply to tendertouch

Hi tendertouch, I think I will make more effort to be grateful for the good stuff, try to counterbalance the bad stuff !

Thats what I thought, a bit of light relief, thanks for the frankincense I use a lot !

fenbadger in reply to Shazzzy

I prefer lavender but I ran out :(

Hidden in reply to fenbadger

Sending you a bottle of home made lavender oil..hugs

fenbadger in reply to Hidden

Aww, Thank you. XX

Did you get the scrambled eggs ok?

I know that feeling ,I don't get things done often but when I do I feel just like you and its wonderful .I pray you have that wonderful feeling more often my friend x

Shazzzy in reply to Matrix

Thanks Matrix, you too.xx

Thats great. Well done and thank you so much for posting this. I've been struggling and very sick, chronic headaches and dizziness past few days with new pills and dosage. But hey, I can also share positive note, ive just managed to go for a lovely walk through wood (with my sticks) and trimmed a garden shrub, such little things but dont they make you feel fantasticly normal?

Hi Let meinplease, love your name by the eay.Sorry to hear you have been struggling, a walk in the woofs sounds fantastic and a bit of gardening too, I think you deserve a slice of cake.

Snazzy you are welcome ,what some take for granted we are delighted on the rare times we can manage the housework.

Letmeinplease ,well done you and yes little things .like that do make us feel normal .Keep going that's all we can do xx

Cake did someone mention cake count me in xx

fenbadger in reply to Matrix

Ooooooh noooooooo. It's hard enough keeping Ken in check. For goodness' sake don't mention bourbons. ooooops

Big, fat, squishy chocolate cake for all of us for keeping going.xx

With red velvet cake or I make a lovely passion fruit cake it's gorgeous . Xx

Dibs on the passion fruit cake, never tried it but sounds fab!

hi shazzy

so pleased you had a good weekend you did things you haven't been able to do so it is a great sense of achievement in our fibromite world take care my friend xx

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