Mobility scooter hire for uk holidays

Hi all

I posted about this a little while ago and our lovely mod Lesley had to take the post down because it was like advertising a commercial venture. I really didn't intend to do so, just didn't think!

However, to 're word, there is somewhere that will hire an all terrain mobility scooter for a minimal fee, if you would like more details please feel free to private message me, I used the service last summer and it was really good.

(Hope this post is ok ?)

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  • I think they hire these out in the Yorkshire Dales now. A really good idea!

  • I think they cover quite a lot of places and are expanding, refreshing to find something for the disabled that's affordable too xx

  • Yes, I can still walk a bit and get out in the countryside as much as I can. But if I get to the stage where I can't walk in the country any more it's good to know there's something like this available :-)

  • Sounds very useful hun x

  • Thanks my friend that is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing x :)

  • Thank you for re posting. I have heard that some beaches offer mobility scooters with huge blow up wheels which go over sand and pebbles to enable you to get to the sea.

    Anything that gives you a nice and pleasant time outside in the fresh air is good for me!


  • Haven't heard of that one but brilliant idea, I've just renewed my membership of the other one and found that they are a not for profit charity, makes it even better!

  • That is such an awesom service. Not to put lack of mobility in the funny bracket but my village has scooter parking in the library,village hall and docs. What does that tell you about my village? I once phoned my twin up ( very high in the cooperate ladder for a well known bank) that the new team building exercise was mobility scooter racing. She believed me! She actually said " I will have to look into that sounds good" talk about a sense of humour bypass.

  • Add community centre and nearest leisure centre and you have my village too!

  • Great idea, thanks Ccupcakes . Must look it up. xxx

  • Please could you pm me the link. Thanks x

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