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Do you think Mobility Scooters are too costly?

I pay £25 a week from DLA payments. That pays for the machine, the insurance, the road tax [which I think is free] RAC which means I would get picked up and brought home with the machine. Also maintenance. I am committed for three years unless I get better [covers other illnesses] when I can give it up.

My mother says it would be better to have had a car - but I don't drive and my meds actually make me a liability anyway! Shhhh about that. I am very careful to have my meds afterwards not before as my judgement is impaired.

Anyway, she feels it would have been better to have bought a scooter and got it insured with the RAC by myself. Would that have been possible and has anyone else done that?

I am signed up for another 2 1/2 years yet. I thought it was a good scheme until she said that.

Soft hugs

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Bargain pages in newspaper as loads for sale. You can buy new for £400 in west midlands. My mum loves hers. They are great


i got mine from ebay for 120 pound and its great also they very often have them at our local auctions xxxxx


I agree long term its cheaper to buy one from a auction.

Slthough sounds like a good deal still.

I would rathet buy one.


It costs me a lot more than £25 a week to run my car. Even if mobility allowance is paying for it, petrol is so expensive these days. Mobility cars may take your whole mobility allowance as I did have one years ago. However, the bottom line is that if you would have to fib about your meds to get insurance or even keep your license a car wouldn't really be an option.

Happy scootering

Christine x


Hi Sarah-Jane,

I think for the package you have, it sounds like a bargain.

You would be hard pushed to get all that for 25 quid a week any other way. You would have to pay for Insurance, Recovery, Maintenance & Repairs all separately. Sounds like a lot of costs and faffing around, that I couldn't be bothered with if I knew there was a simpler way.

You can't drive your car up to the shop door, or drive it in the shop.

It's also exactly the kind of thing DLA is meant for and at the lowest rate of both, you've still got £15 a week left for the occasional taxi, for trips when the scooter doesn't fit the bill.

Personally I would stick with it.

happy hugs, kate :)


Hi my car costs me £24 a week to run which is the insurance the tax the mot the fuel but that does not include breakdown and anything that may go wrong with it whilst on the road so your scooter sounds like a good deal to me plus it gives you your independence too dont forget so if you are hqppy with it stick with it you take care love diddle x


I bought my scooter on e-bay but have no RAC back-up. I think that you have got a good deal there. Your Mum is just looking out for you. with the scooter you can be independent. enjoy it! regards, sandra.


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