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todays update

thought that I would keep you updated on the 'cobweb saga'.

I saw the GP at 9am, feeling really awful, but she was really wonderful. She has agreed that I should not do anymore treks into Bath & has referred me for local physio, OT etc, then announced that I could increase my painkillers quite considerably, so why didn't anybody else think of that? She's also referred me to a local memory clinic and changed my stomach tablets which the other doctor ignored, even when the pharmacist contacted him about me. so all in all that was good.

However I had difficulty getting to the surgery because I felt scared on my scooter, even though its only across the road. I decided that I'd have to nip this in the bud before agoraphobia sets in again, so tried to go to a small supermarket - but just couldn't! I even thought about getting a taxi to Asda,as they have plenty of scooters instore to use, but I jjust couldn't make myself go.

Faced with very little milk, loo roll & even worse, chocolate, I decided to resort to doing an on-line shop. Well, I have done it, except I forgot the milk, but how come it took me longer than if I'd actually got the taxi. I've done it plenty of times when I was still with my husband but I think it must have been written in Latin - it just seemed gobbledegook! Goodness knows what will arrive. I printed out my receipt, well no, I printed out 4 pages of adverts, but no receipt or confirmation!

I made a decision though that I'm very happy with - I've asked my ex PA to come back to work for me instead of 'breaking in' a new one. I know that I'll be a bit more limited over her available hours ( she does another almost full time job) but I know that she's reliable (except she makes rubbish cups of tea!) so now she's happy & so am I, I feel a lot safer knowing that she'll be around.

Wow, no real moans today, I must have forgotten something.

Incidentally the lady from the advocacy service is phoning tomorrow so I'll let you know how that goes.

I hope that you've all had a reasonable day & are in good spirits

fibro hugs to you all xxx

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Online shopping will get easier once you have your favourites in place...I have been doing online for myself since it began every week and I also do online shops for my job every week too....benefits are great at christmas as you don't get to stand in awful queues in store as well as getting lots of more expensive subs if what you want isn't on can also go in to your order's click ammend your order and add the milk you need and then update your won't be charged twice and if you are unhappy with the quality of anything you receive, ring them up and they will refund you and you still get to keep those items x


thankyou, it must get easier, I think it was just me! I will add the milk in a sec (if I don't forget)

I see your name is mumof5 - snap! I wish there had been online shopping when mine were young - all the mountains of food that simply disapeared every week! I'm trying to imagine NOT having to carry all those potatoes!!!!


don't forget to check out again if you add to your basket and can you order me some chocolate whilst you're there please? it might help the fibro fog & insomnia!! x


HI cobweb I do my shopping online it does get easier I dont know what I would do without it hope you have a good day take care love beth x


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