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funny turns?

hi,i've just joined and was wondering if anyone has what i call my funny minute i'm ok then i feel as if i'm going to pass out my breathing gets bad and my legs wont hold me up,my heart starts racing but i feel really spaced out and scared!!!! this actually happened at my docs he called an ambulance i was taken to hospital and was told i could not leave until my heart stopped racing which was a couple of hours this has happened about 4 times now with no this part of my fybro? any replies would be lovly feel like i'm going mad....x

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Hi Louda

Sorry I cannot help with this. Sounds like a panic attack. Have you spoken to your doctor about it since you were sent to hospital?

Maybe someone can answer better here. Sending a gentle hug. Wish I were more help xx


HI and welcome, i'm with Fiona it does sound like a panick attack and i suffered my first one last week so i totaly understand how scared you were, i for one never want another.

Take care xx rachie xx


Yes I agree with you Fiona, it sounds like a panic attack to me. Only ever had one and it was pretty awful .

You need to seek your GP's advice.

In the meantime it might be wise to research relaxation techniques so that if it happens again you have some strategies tucked away in your mind and perhaps you will be more in control.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


I agree it sounds ke a panic attack... Can I just ask if you had been drinking tea coffe or any drink eg coke that has caffiene in it.. Over the last year I have become very intolerant to caffiene I now only have one coffee first thing in the morning. Any more ...And I get banging heart it races suddenly then slows. Yesterday I tried a can of coke and my heart was racing all afternoon and early evening... It's so weird if I just stick to one coffee and then water or squash I am perfectly fine

VG x


Certainly giving all the signs of a panic attack - I've had them myself, and they're bl**dy terrifying! Definitely chat to the GP about possible solutions, and also ask him/her if any of your meds can precipitate palpitations. It's a long-shot, but it can sometimes happen.

Have a scout online, in the meantime, as there are lots of relaxation techniques that claim to stop panic attacks - my favourite is cyclic breathing: holding one nostril, breathe in through the other, swap nostrils to breathe out, then in through the second, and out again through the first. It looks a bit silly, but it does work. xx


Hi it does sound like panic attack you should keep brow paper bag with you and when you feel it starting breath slowly into it that my help you it does for me hope yoy feel better soon

Bernadette xxx


I agree with everyone, it sounds like a panic attack. I think that the hospital or your GP would have done heart tests if they thought it ws more serious but you should check to make sure. There are many different techniques for relaxing, try different ones until you find what works for you. I'm with verygrumpy about caffeine, it can cause all sorts of problems like this & fibro seems to cause all sorts of intolerances that used to be ok. I hardly touch caffeine at all now, at first it was difficult, but it soon got easier & I feel so much better without it. My main stimulant these days is chocolate but I'm finding that harder than anything else to give up!


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