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Duloxetine side effects, please help


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia & prescribed Duloxetine on Thursday & took one pill. That night I could not sleep, heart racing, sweating, burning bladder, incontinence (never had before), twitching, restless legs out of control. It's been 3 days & I still have constant tingling/tremors/pins & needles feeling in my legs/feet. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if it's going to go away, I've never had it this long before.

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Hello Black789, I had the same symptoms on duloxetine except It made me incredibly drowsy too. I was on 60mg and was like that for a week until I managed to get a drs appointment. She said as it had helped with my neuropathic pain she decided to put me on 30mgs instead. I was reluctant as the side effects so far had been absolutely horrendous. However, we both decided it was worth at least trying it. I’m pleased I did as the side effects were much easier to cope with and after a week or so I didn’t notice them quite as much. I’ve been on it for over 6 months now. My neuropathic pain is caused by a benign spinal tumour which, in turn, has caused fibromyalgia. I’m on quite a lot of other medication too but the duloxetine has definitely taken the edge off my neuropathic pain. Everyone reacts differently to medication so I’m not sure if I’ve helped you in any way. In the meantime please take care of yourself and sending you gentle hugs 🤗

Black789 in reply to Miss68

Hi Miss68 thank you so much for taking the time to reply. It's good to know I'm not the only one, although I wouldn't wish these side effects on anyone! I was put on 60mgs too, it's a wonder they don't start you off on a low dose to begin with. I'm very wary of taking medication as I never seem to have a good reaction & this has been the worst but will see what the doctor has to say. Sending hugs back to you, I'm glad the lower dose has helped you & hope you're doing okay, it's a lot to deal with x

Miss68 in reply to Black789

I couldn’t understand why they didn’t start me on the lower dose either. Makes no sense does it lol. My gp and my pain clinic consultant have both tried increasing the dosage over time but the horrendous side effects came back. So it seems 30mgs is what works for me. I know what you mean about reacting to medication as I have a long list of allergies and sensitivities too. It doesn’t help when you’re in constant pain does it? I really do hope you find something to help you. Good luck with it all. Take care x

Black789 in reply to Miss68

I suppose we'd all fall over in shock if the doctors got it right on the first try lol. Thanks again for your kindness. I wish you well ❤️

Unfortunately, duloxetine didn't suit me at all and then side effects in my case just kept on getting worse so after 3 weeks had to stop the tablets. If all the other side effects have ceased and it is just the feelings in your legs now I would carry on taking I for a bit longer in the hope that those feelings will get better. As Miss68 says a lower dose might help and then slowly building up.x

Black789 in reply to rosewine

Hi rosewine thank you for replying. I think I will stop them for now as they don't seem to be helping my pain just causing more problems. Sorry you had trouble with them too, I hope you're doing okay now. Take care x


I had a horrendous time on these. I was sweating to the point that I was literally dripping water everywhere. Terrible sickness and then I started to hallucinate. This went on for 3-4 days, after which my family were so frightened they rang my GP who said to stop them immediately and said I was never to go on them again. x

Black789 in reply to M0AL61

Oh no, sorry you experienced that. No good at all. It's bad when the medication you hope will help has worse side effects than the illness itself. Glad you have such a supportive family helping you, hope you've found something that works for you x

M0AL61Administrator in reply to Black789

Thank you. Yes, I'm now on Gabapentin and Maxitram, which seems to work quite well (well, the best combination I've tried and does dull the pain) x

I have just been diagnosed too I've tried all sorts like amitriptiline and tramadol but they didn't seem to work however my doctor has just prescribed me gabapentin wich is really helping

Hey Summerwarburton thanks for taking the time to read & respond. I suppose it's trial and error trying to find what works for you. I'm glad you've found something that's helping you & hope you're coping okay with your diagnosis. I will mention gabapentin at next appointment & hope I get on better x

This happened to me too! They just seemed to be creating more problems as well as hightening all the others I have!! I went back to my doctor and was put on pregabalin and those were just as bad, I just couldnt see them working for me with all these side effects so I stopped taking them after speaking with my doctor, they dont work for everyone so dont worry!

Black789 in reply to Pink97

Yes I know how you feel I'm now a bit hesitant to try anything else incase it makes it worse! Thanks for responding I hope you find something that works for you without creating even more problems you don't need x

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Black789 in reply to Hidden

I tried an alkaline diet last year, even drinking only alkaline water. Didn't help any fibromyalgia symptoms or my acid reflux/stomach issues. Still trying to find what works for me but glad it worked for you x


healthunlocked.com/fibromya..., hi there I was put on 60mg few months back I differently do think our bodies react to meds, for me I’m on 60mg one tablet a day but I’m so much better after having a nasty reaction to previous meds they tried, this tab was to get my anxiety in order which it has done, I would like to think I could try dropping it down to 30mg on my next appointment. I have had reactions from other tablets sweating , high anxiety , not sleeping. Not nice experiences for us until we find something that works, they say that duloxtene helps with Fibro pain as well as has a relaxant in it. I hope you get sorted very soon , there is a link above if you would like to lock your posts and generates more privacy as only our members can see. Take care

Black789 in reply to YASMINTINA

The side effects from medication & worries about pains & symptoms in general doesn't help the anxiety a whole lot does it. I think the adrenaline in the tablets had an adverse effect on me so the search continues. Great to hear that it's working for you, wish it wasn't so difficult to find something that does x

I’ve been on 60mg for 6 months and they are really helping me. They’re not helping greatly with some of my pain but they make me feel more able to cope with it. I feel much more positive and less anxious and they seem to be weight neutral - amitriptyline & gabapentin caused me to have Weight gain.

Black789 in reply to Millymoo1

Sounds like you've had a good experience with them. The better you feel mentally the easier it will be to cope with other symptoms overall. I do hope you find something that helps more with the pain x

Hey Black789 I’m also on duloxetine. What dose are you on? I’m on 90mg, slowly increased from 30mg. Over Xmas I tried to increase to 120mg but my nausea was so bad I had to stop and go back to 90mg (not sure if the nausea was due to drinking alcohol whilst on them tho - not loads, but no a few more than usual).

Most of your side effects I was experiencing before starting any medication, however I’ve def started to feel either freezing cold n can’t watm up, or I’m too hot n sweating. xx

Black789 in reply to BeccaBoo456

Hi BeccaBoo456 I was put on 60mg straight away no increase from 30, might not have felt so bad if I had. I had the side effects for a few days & have stopped taking it now. Pins & needles feeling still in legs but everything else is better. I think maybe your increase will be to blame as I had very bad nausea on just the 60mg! Hope you're doing alright whatever dose you decide on. Those temp changes are no joke either! Take care xx

Hi there black 789, Sounds like a lot of serious side effects to me. I had to stop this medication because of the side effects. I would suggest a visit to your GP asap. You don't need anymore health problems especially ones that are created by medication.

Have you read the side effects on your packaging? I read these before I take anything prescribed by my doctor. They don't have time to do the research so it's up to us to do this. Some antidepressants have serious side effects and all have a long list. I have found that emotional side effects of feeling down are a natural expression of the dramatic affect fibro has on my life. I have found that no amount of antidepressants helps improve me emotionally. I have accepted the situation and this has helped. I also have taken up my oil painting again which is enjoyable and calming. This has opened up the opportunity to sell my art on Redbubble's merchandise. I just upload my artwork and they take care of the reproduction, manufacturing and posting items I've sold to the buyer. So, it's well within my capabilities. It has given me back some self worth. Antidepressants aren't a magic bullet for the emotional side effects of fibromyalgia, at least not in my case. Finding an outlet that fits the fibromyalgia scenario may be more beneficial. I have rambled on a bit, sorry about that but I hope you take good care of yourself.

Black789 in reply to carmenp1

Hey carmenp1, please don't apologise I am sincerely grateful you took the time to reply to my post. I'm new to all this & any support & information given is very much appreciated!

I did not read some of the side effects as I had been told by family members to give it a go without obsessing over them like I usually would as I've been very wary of taking medications in the past for anxiety & things. I ended up searching the symptoms in the middle of the night once I'd had enough. I've been told by others I'm imagining my symptoms due to anxiety but I will not be taking it again & I'm hesitant to try anything else.

I'm pleased you've found something enjoyable & therapeutic to help. I imagine it's a great distraction from your pain doing something you love. I had a read of your bio & you seem an extremely kind & caring person who has been through some very difficult times in your life. I wish you less pain & more happiness, you deserve it xx

HI Black789, you have no idea how much you have encouraged me with your kind and thoughtful comments. I am having a rather bad time of it today. Trying to cope with another day of verbal abuse from my husband who puts me down all the time. Thanks.

Black789 in reply to carmenp1

It sounds like your husband is not very supportive & with what you are going through you need all the support you can get. I hope he adjusts his attitude! Please take extra good care of yourself to make up for it & don't let any negativity get you down. Hugs to you 🤗

I take 60mg of duloxetine in the morning. I also suffer with twitchy, spasms, in my arms and legs. It's awful when I'm relaxing, and my body does it. The amount of times I've spilt tea or wine over myself , that's such a waste of wine. Lol.. On a serious note it's awful and embarrassing when my spasms start. ☹

Black789 in reply to Debbs73

Yes it's ridiculous, especially at night when I'm just falling asleep & then I twitch & jump about & that's me up for the rest of the night feeling like something's crawling under my skin. Good times. On a serious serious note.. it's an excuse to top that wine right back up 😉 Don't be embarrassed at all about your spasms, what can you do but be kind to yourself x

Debbs73 in reply to Black789

Your right that it's a good excuse to top my whine up. Lol 🥂. Think that could be the worse when your just going to sleep. I don't so much feel like things are crawling under my skin but I get really itchy some times I could scratch my skin of its that bad. I try not to scratch but we all know once you start scratching u can't stop. It's nice to know I'm/were not alone with our twitching and body jumps as sometimes u think it's just you. I'm so glad I found these sites, family can sympathise but unless you have it you don't fully know how we feel . X🙂

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