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Suggestions Needed

Need advice. Fibro has been pretty bad recently, but depression is really bad. I work 10 hours a week (welll am supposed to) but we are really struggling to keep our jobs funded just me and my boss in our department. A month a go I managed to pursuade doctor against signing me off as boss wouldn't know what, when, how if I wasn't there. HavN't had any annual leave since Begining of June - basically I'm exhauseted!!!!! Last week I was waking at the butt crack of dawn, this week (if tonight I'd anything) to go by I'm going to be going to work on less than three hours sleep and feeling as if I'm going to burst into tears at any moment - minds racing with work problems . I have a week and a half off over Christmas, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it through till then without bursting into tears at work (this happened last Wednesday). Any suggestions for the interim would be very very appreciated :)

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Hello my love,

I know you don't want to let your boss down but I really think you need to take a few days off to sort yourself out or you will be no good to anybody. I am sure if you spoke to your boss he would understand. You need to recharge your batteries or you will be no good to anybody.

You also need to get back you your docs ASAP and sort out your meds. Are you on antidepressants? If no, then I think you need to be, and if yes they may need upping or changing.

Please, please get to the docs. Also could you work half days for a while? That would help too.

Keep in touch.

Piggie hugs xxxxxx


Hi pink pig,

Thanks for getting back, am already taking anti depressants and on highest dose - I know There's a good chance I need stronger ones but don't want to end up like a zombie. Doc has tried changing them in past but they had funky side effects!!!! I only work three to four hours a day three days a week :)

Will try and get into see my Doctor. Thanks for advice

Oobs xxx


This is good advice Piggie, at the end of the day Oobs you have to prioritise yourself or you won't be well enough by Christmastime.

See your GP as Piggie suggests, take a few days off to get yourself together a bit and hopefully you will get through the period before Christmas at work and then be able to enjoy your time off too,

Please be assured that we are here for you, we care about you and will do all we can to help and support you.

Take care of yourself.

(((hug))) xxx



I know it's difficult to juggle everything, and at this time of year it's easy to get caught up in overdoing stuff. If you really don't feel able to take time off work, then you need to make the best of the days you're not working. Can you try to fit in some pampering for yourself? Definitely allow yourself a lie- in, and whatever else you need to recharge your batteries. Make sure you're doing the obvious things around drinking enough water, eating well etc. I know for myself, when I get run down, I find it easy to let those things go, and then I get into a downward spiral.

Take care of yourself, and I hope you soon start to pick up.



Yep, I'd say from experience that's good advice you need to be kind to yourself! I sometimes used to work 3 12 hour shifts on the wards and had nothing left to give at home so I had to stop it. Now I have a very different job which isnt so physical or stressful even though it's a bit more boring than I'd like but its given me a better work life balance. As for antidepressants your body does get used to them over time so you should have the dose regularly reviewed.I struggle with depression too but have noticed that anxiety has become a big problem for me too as well. What really really helps me is massage. Make sure you go to someone who does it for medicinal purposes not beauty otherwise they could make your pain worse (as once happened to me) A course of remedial massage and some aromotherapy massage sessions will do wonders for you believe me! It could be the answer for just now whilst you are stressed and tired but can't stop but do make sure you see your GP ASAP and get some time off work and chill out when you are not at work too. Hope that helps NWG X


Hi Oobs,

Sorry you're feeling so bad, but what's with the stiff upper lip? You are pushing yourself very hard, so I think you're entitled to a good cry if that's how you feel!

I can remember being in a similar position as you - I felt I couldn't go on, but I kept pushing myself until my life became unbearable.

In the end I had to admit defeat and things got a bit better after that.

Try to be kind to yourself, and not to feel guilty about being ill - not sure why so many people do this. Rest as much as you can and make time for some pleasure in your life.

I do hope you feel a bit easier before too long!

Love Moffy xxxx


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the advice - good news made it through yesterday without tears and surprisingly upbeat after my measly one and a half hours nights sleep!!! Me time sounds good - just a case of figuring what to do :) sorry if any of you were worried and thanks for the advice it's nice knowing that other people get it without you trying to explain it to them!! Not sure where stiff upper lip comes from, I just try to avoid at all costs crying - which I think 10 years of doing this might be why depression is so bad now. I have taken part in counselling, CBT and training but sometimes find it difficult to manage with fibro and working - if that makes sense as well as having happy pills and anxiety meds together with pain relief that was formally happy pills :) Hope everone else isn't to bad and thanks again for replying xxx oobs


Well done Oobs! Don't be too hard on yourself, as Moffy says, we all need a good boohoo now and again, it can even be cathartic and does you good. It doesn't however do you any good holding it all in to the point where you just can't deal with things because you haven't let it all out.

We are all here for you, we all care about you and we will always do our best to help and support you along the way. Please never apologise, you have nothing to apologise for my dear. We are all in the same boat, even Admin lol! We all have Fibro, so we all know exactly how you are feeling.

Working with Fibro is a constant juggle, it's incredibly hard work in itself. I worked for a few years with it until I physically couldn't any more, so I understand the strain of this.

Take care Oobs, here's a hug for you today. (((hug))) xxx



Thank you


My pleasure, any time! :) xxx


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