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my son has beenn put on this for his bipolar to take in the evening as to calm him down and not get too stressed in eve, been on it for just over a week and rushed himself into hospital last night as he had chest pains and was having trouble breathing they checked his heart and seemed ok and he had an xray but he waited til after 1 this morning (went in at 8.30) and then got stressed as he had to be in work at 6 and worked himself up so just walked out of hospital. hes 19 and was wondering if this could be a side affect of the pregablin?

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i was taking quite a high dose of pregabalin it made me feel like i was drunk but didnt give me any chest pains. i had problems passing water. it did make me feel calmer as i get very stressed but none of the other symptoms


Hi. You need to check the little pamphlet that comes with the tablets to see if chest pains are a known side effect. Did the hospital ask what drugs he was on as they would know if it was a side effect or not. If you are at all worried he needs to get back to the doctors ASAP and chat the them about it. Chest pains are very serious and he needs to sort it out before it happens again.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


they can cause palpitation type problems & I get like fluttering in my chest, but he definately needs to get this checked, it's probably nothing but he (&you) need to be sure.

Night all xxx


Hi there,

Go back to Gp as not suit everyone, although sometimes they can defeat object and can cause the problem they meant to be solving.

What strength is he on

It starts at 25 and max 600

Was his pulse checked too.

Did he start on other things 1st

I know its use is to treat a few things as it states on leaflet but it has quite a variety it seems beyond this too.

It always best to check xxxxxx


I hate that drug and its family, spent a year trying out 5 variations trying to control neuropathy. OML never again had everything I shouldnt have and nothing that I should have.


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