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Just a quickie!


I have been keeping a symptom diary for the last 2 months and was just wondering would it be beneficial to take a copy with me to the gp on Monday? I've yet to get him to understand how I'm feeling and this will be his last chance to redeem himself before I go elsewhere for answers . This past week has been utterly awful and I had a mini meltdown at work this week as I was so fed up and tired I was struggling to stand. I'm worried I'll lose it completely if he fobs me off again, u can't carry on this way. What do you guys think?

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I would say so. or maybe make a list of bullet points for him and take yours for reference.


I d say yes sometimes it is the only way to get understanding.

Good luck sue

Hi, missunderstood 1

I think that would be a really good thing to do, I did exactly that years ago when I found out, then saw for myself, that a Dr had written in my note's that he thought ( I was a very strange lady ) as he couldn't find anything wrong with me.

That was 32yrs ago and since then things have changed a little, not much but a little.

Even now I take a list of questions to ask my GP in case I forget anything, mainly just words to highlight what I need to discuss with her.

So go ahead if it helps you get your point over.

Take Care, feather hugs

Pat xx

I would think it is a very good idea. Go for it?

Ken x

Take it with a copy. Good luck although you should not need luck just a decent doctor. When I finally got a blood test showing something wrong my GP said "oh you do have something wrong with you" but as Pat says things are better now.!

hello please take your diary with you, hi light the points you want to get across to him, and take some one with you who see what you are going through, i had that problem with my old gp i felt like i could not get through to him, but when i took my notes and some one who could be a witness i felt like i got some where. good luck with your vist, if you still not happy find another doc within the practise who could be total different good luck and take no nonsense from them.


definitely! It was something the pain clinic recommended, keeping a pain dairy. It not only lets them see how we are doing, it helps us pinpoint flare up triggers.



Thanks everyone I will definitely be drawing up a copy for him now,he'll probably give it me straight back as he did with my symptoms list! But I don't know what else I can do other than ask him to walk a day in my shoes!

Sweetheart you really need a new doctor. One who has compassion for your suffering. If he can't or won't help you ask him to at least refer you to a pain clinic. Best of luck. Let us know how it goes!!! xxx Mitzi

i would take pain diary with you do not be fobbed off by this doctor if he won't take any notice change to a different one you need a doctor who is willing to help you to cope with your pain ,good luck.lilian

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