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Anyone else with this horrid cold on top of what we have and feeling out of space lol

thats it really the strange out of space feeling i could not drive rite now but hope in morning it subsides .

My hbby has been laid up with it feeling like on a ship and cough aches pains etc..which i replied it great on my planet isnt it .

he the worst patient to look after and i try to look after him but i would be more or less left on ireland alone if he had what i/we have .

I had facial stuff since start of year with sinus stuff so had steroids then it moved into my face and the pain and then now all this nasty burning stuff in my jaw has been going on forever ..i cannot kind of think what is what at minute and its like doing maths only with an illness lol this + that + that + feel sh*t

got a big job on tomoro as they got guests coming so i have to be on ball and despite my lyrica and pain relief and cough medicine and olbis oil or Vicks (cannot smell it) just got voice back but still rough.. ohhh and all the rest of body too my hands are really playing up and typing has been hard too ..

is anyone else the same on here at moment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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hi , yes i had it last week spent days in bed and after 10 days am finally getting better. i do feel like i am on a different planet but have had a lovley day with my youngest Grandgirl who is asleep upstairs x


I been feeling rough facialy since start of 2012

But this is rough on top of it lol

Kids always make us smile when little and funny and cheeky .

I have 5yr old nephew very cheeky but so adorable

Glad you bit better from cold and had a better day xxxx


Hmmmm this isn't fair..... How come you can all take cough medicine etc ... When I am not allowed it... It interferes with the meds I am on...I know I have a sinus infection but all the over the counter meds contain pseudoephadrine or however you spell it and I am not allowed to take that with my meds .... Means another trip to the gps having myhead covered in a towel of over bowl of hot water with a few drops of olbas oil has just made me sweat but it kept me quiet for a bit..

A sulky VG x


Evenin VG or shall i say sulky vg lol

Well OTC medicines i no idea since wkend i just took it and never thought of interactions and i should know better!!

Just an own Brand cough med .

I have been extra different i have to say and not liking it even more so who knows it could have an ecfect :-/ . Dr foning me Wed morning so will check.

Prob why am spaced out lol .

Hows things with you at mo xxxxx


I'm sorry Cazzie you are having it tough. I wish I could think of something helpful to say but I cant. You must be dreading tomorrow - really wanting to stay in when you have such a busy day ahead. Recommend a nice cup of cocoa and an early night. I think hubby needs to look after himself for a bit. I'm sure he is feeling rubbish, but how does he think you manage?

I hope you get decent night sleep. xx


Cup of teeee lol and bed and see how tomoro goes .

Hubby not going work as he in spray booth a lot so not good for chest and his cold.

Fingers crossed i manage hehe xxx

Thank yoo

Feeling too rough at mo xxx hugs


Just back from gps with antibiotics ... I have a sinus infection..... Apparently anything containing ephedrine or pseudoephadrine reacts with my anti depressant ... It is also the base ingredient for the drug called speed... So I can't even have a mid life crisis and try illegal drugs...

VG x


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