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Does laughter help you forget or reduce the pain?

Last night I saw Alan Davies' comedy show entitled "Life is Pain" (how appropriate???) -- his observations on everyday life were pure genius and after 2 hours of almost constant laughter I found my mood and spirits were amazingly raised -- by the time I left the venue I had completely forgotten that I had FM. (dare I say it but I felt "normal"!) Does anyone else find that a "good old laugh" helps you forget? (even if it is laughing at yourself when you say or do something stupid!!) :)

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I agree having a good laugh always helps me if i didn't have it daily i wouldn't cope, thankfully my man is quite funny as is my daughter and dog so plenty to keep me going, laughing is therapy it releases endorphines xx


Yes, yes, yes, definitely, most certainly and probably yes!

Having a really good belly laugh 'til your eyes run and your sides ache always makes you feel better. You're so right Rachie about the endorphins released during laughter - they help us to forget pain.

We fibromites need to watch a comedy program daily, to mix with cheerful people and to diligently research any kind of endorphin producing activity .... like eating chocolate ... (naughty!) ... retail therapy ... (my favourite), or sitting by the coast watching the waves roll in, which is both cheap and virtuous!

I also find great pleasure and relaxation from watching Nigella Lawson pigging out on the telly. This vicarious scoffing is most satisfying and calorie -free for the watcher at least!. I don't know how she does it - I mean, she's no waif, but when you see what she eats, she should be at least twenty stones heavier!

Ah well, I digress - keep laffin folks - it's good for you.

Rib-tickly hugs ... Moffy xxxx


I agree too. Laughter releases the 'happy hormones' which will help to reduce our sensitivity to pain and increase serotonin levels. Perhaps we should ask for tickets to see Alan Davies (I love him too) on prescription. ;-) I am also a great fan of Miranda Hart,mInjust love her sense of humour.Jane x


I agree.

re Miranda Hart - did anyone see her on Graham Norton explaining the 2 ronnies' 4 candles sketch to arnold schwarzenegger ?


deffinately the best and cheapest medicine is a good laugh it is good for all your face muscles as well as your tummy muscles and I believe it releases endorphines that counteract the pain. - of course it also lightens your out look on life.


Agree Miranda Hart is good and also whats her (oh it has gone) name I will come back later if the name returns to me xgins


Great to hear that you all enjoy a good laugh :) and we can keep smiling through the pain!! I agree "ladygreenfingers" that Alan Davies should be available on prescription -- how wonderful if he was available in "tablet" form -- take 3 times a day -- and we have found the elusive cure for FM -- if only it were that simple eh? lots of laughs xx


Brilliant effect- yes laughter raises seratonin levels just like excercise and sunlight do, and this "happy" side effect is like natures painkiller. Real glad you noticed it, now youve found a good trick, keep using it!

Warm thoughts NN:)


I agree I try to laugh at myself for, no memory dropping stuff, constantly being belwidered and confused, it is better than the crushing frustration and anger, which only agrivate the fibro. I'm the "funny Friend" and find pretenting to be ok, usually means I feel better for a short while. I've been called a tonic by all my friends and find at least making other people feel better gives me a sense of worth, sadly lacking in fibro me. anything that destracts you has to be good. look after yourselves, stay strong, because we all are! x


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