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Fibro-what next?

I have been suffering with fibromyalgia for over 10 years, (I am a slim 40yr old female) & hit rock bottom a year ago, wondering how I would carry on with such pain, and it was getting worse. I was put on lyrica and then cymbalta by the pain management team, but was getting breakthrough pain even on the highest dose. The side effects were loss of libido and loss of that spark in my personality.

I googled 'fibromyalgia naturally' and knew my next action must be to change my diet. I cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Within a week I knew it was working. My pain levels are so much more managable now. After 9 weeks I have finally come off the last of my meds. I can now sleep on my hips, my 4 yr old climbs on me and It doesn't hurt, and my energy levels are slowly increasing- the results of these dietary changes has turned my life around.

On many of the fibro info sites I read that diet isn't related to fibromyalgia, others recommend a healthy diet but don't elaborate. I just wanted to share my experience because a healthy diet can mean many things. I had cut out wheat a few months prior, but it didn't make a difference to my pain levels, it just wasn't enough. I thought I would never have the mental strength to give up the foods I love, but in the end I didn't have a choice. Maybe when you don't know where to turn next you'll try it too.

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Hi Fluffles ,well i am so happy for you and i think you may be one of the lucky ones .I started with it when i was 12 over 40 years ago .I have done all that you have plus so much more and nothing has worked for me .Some people and its only a few have had the same success as yourself so its ok to say what you did say about when you dont know where to turn etc but bare in mind many of us have spent thousands on cures and on diets to no avail and we do the best we can .Said in love and not meant to hurt you but just to show you a different perspective .x


I am pleased this worked for you Fluffles, however I would strongly advise our members to seek medical advice before embarking on a specific diet and most certainly before stopping any medications. It would be most inadvisable to stop any meds without discussing this with your GP first.

Fluffles you may indeed be one of the lucky ones, you may also be in what we refer to as "Fibro remission" where we appear symptom free for a period. It has only been a matter of weeks that you have been symptom free, so please be careful because I myself have had spells like that too and then suddenly launched into a flare-up.

I would approach the entire experience with caution as there is no miracle cure for Fibromyalgia, that is well documented. However, it is possible to manage the symptoms in a controlled way with the correct meds and support etc. I wouldn't want to raise our members hopes of a miracle cure without medical foundation. Fluffles I hope you understand.


I gave up wheat and more recently dairy, It hasn't made any difference to the pain, but I feel better in myself because my stomach is not bloating, feeling sick and my IBS has been a lot better. It may have different effects on different people.

Good Luck to you...xx


On week three of wheat gluten dairy free, my ibs is still as bad and my fibro has actually gotten worse cos I am so stressed over the ibs... So glad it helped you fluffles..... The only thing I can't get my head round is the amount of time I am spending on the toilet and I haven't lost an ounce... Possibly due to drinking so much water to keep myself hydrated.. My gp said just go back to normal diet but as nothing stays in I don't think it matters what I eat

Fingers crossed you stay feeling good

VG x


I'm glad that worked for you.

Some people diagnosed with Fibro actually have undiagnosed food intolerances or systemic Candida infections, sometimes as well as Fibro, sometimes without separate Fibro at all. It's possible that one of these or something similar was a factor for you and this is why this diet has worked well for you, but does not work well for everyone with Fibro. Accurate and comprehensive diagnosis is a major factor for getting control of your symptoms when you've been diagnosed with Fibro because the wide ranging symptoms mean that missed diagnoses and mis-diagnoses are so common.

Verygrumpy - check out the book 'The First Year: IBS' and 'Eating for IBS' by Heather Van Vorous, an American IBS author who is on the FibroAction PAB. These books are often available in local library or much of the basic information is available freely on Heather's website helpforibs,com . Doing an exclusion diet to check for food intolerances is an important part of diagnosing IBS however.


Actually, doing an exclusion diet to check for food intolerances should be an important part of diagnosing Fibro!


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