Is there a healthy diet to help fibro symptoms

I'm new to this site, i have had severe fibromyalgia for 18months, i now need to use a wheelchair when outside and more recently since being in hospital i now have to use a zimmer frame inside. i've heard that a healthy diet esp one that is targeted to fibromyalgia is a positive move . can anyone advise me on a good healthy eating plan , i did try gluton free but the food is awful :-(

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  • Look on Facebook for "Fibromyalgia... naturally!" And/or Heather Conley, who runs it.... She is great and the whole page is dedicated to such tips. Good luck!

    Gary x

  • Thanks Gary i'll take a look . I'm just out of hospital and had all my medication changed , the benefit is long coming so i now want to eat healthier and perhaps try some yoga or pysio

    Kira x

  • Personally gluten free made no difference to me though I actually didnt mind the tastes I did notice the prices... That aside I have cut out all junk food eat a banana every day for leg cramps ... Works for me.... And as well as losing a bit of weight I feel better from cutting out all the crisps biscuits chocolate I was eating... I can't say its made my fibro much better but I feel better for being that bit lighter...

    VG x

  • i've put on 2 stone since i got ill, i also have cfs/me and i know that i comfort eat, esp on chocolate . I know i need to learn a new positive way of life , could possibly eat more fruit and cut out the junk, but chocolate is my downfall . thanks for getting back to me , and well done you for managing to lose some weight

    Kira x

  • It is hard when you get less mobile ... My weight didnt creep on till the arthritis joined my fibro to keep it company .... It's not fun cutting the nice things out but for the sake of my joints I have decided I have to stay at a sensible weight

    Good luck with your new eating plan

    VG x

  • I totally agree with you VG i am in the same situation that i am not mobile and so what do i do to keep the weight off and stay as healthy as i can .... its a catch 22

    Kira x

  • Hi - Im new to the site too. been suffering for 8 years now- been in remission for@6months but now its back . been spending lots of time(& emoney) with osteopaths for my joints and muscles.My osteo has recommended the "caveman diet" i.e no carbs sticking to what you can hunt or gather. Has anyone else read info on this - and the link with FM/IBS/digestive probs ?

  • Welcome to the site :)

    My friends son is on this... I am not sure about it at all cos he is eating lots of saturated fats in the amounts of meat he eats then after a couple of days his body is craving carbs and he pigs out and I sure this is doing his body no good at all... If you really want to diet. Like this you need a lot of willpower... Personally I have tried gluten wheat dairy free made no difference so now I just eat sensibly and healthily , its not fun but the weight is coming off at a steady pace and I feel better just for cutting out the junk.

    VG x

  • I think that your way of eating and just cutting out the junk is the best way , i've put on 2 stone and went up 3 dress sizes , i plan to lose at least 1 stone and 2 dress sizes . Wish me luck

    Kira x

  • There is a book by someone called Christine Craggs-HInton called the Fibromyalgia Healing Diet, as I eat quite a healthy diet it wasn't too different to what I eat normally, but it also describes food supplements which I found useful.

  • I used to be vegetarian, i'm thinking about eating veggie again or at least part veggie

    i don't eat enough fruit i know and i at the moment comfort eat, my goal is to become more positice and more aware of what i put into my body . thanks for your input

    Kira x

  • read the book 'beyond sugar shock', it's all in the sugar....she had about 13 health problems all went away when giving up sugar.

  • I keep a food diary for 3 months noted what I ate and how I felt after .. Pain , fatigue, tummy etc. if a food seemed to aggravate any symptom I cut that food out then reintroduced it further down he line if it had the same effect

    I cut it out all together . E.g. I can eat gluten free pasta the other type knocks my energy level and upsets my tummy . Mushrooms are not good to me either .

    Happy eating folks

  • Thanks for your response which to me seems like a really good idea, however to do this myself i would find it too tiring, but my husband would gladly keep track of how foods and drinks affect me .


    Kira x

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