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To all single people and single parents and carers on here with fibro

With my husband being in hospital only overnight his op was very successful, thanks for all the good lucks I had for him... I have just realised exactly how much he does as well as working part time ... I have had to cook, tidy round tiny bit of housework sort my autistic son out and today I am in so much pain..... I honestly don't know how you single parents , carers, out there and people living alone cope... Yeah I had some stress worrying about my OH but I read everyday about how a lot of you are under stress in other ways,,, fighting atos ESA dla, The workplace and just want to send out respect..... And hugs to you all you are all truly amazing if I feel like this after one day... I can't even begin to imagine how you Cope day after day..

And you all come on here to offer support.....

Love to you all VG x

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Morning VG so glad the Op was okay! I know you have a lot to do with out him being there but take it as gently as you can there is no point both of you being really bad now is there.

Gentle hugs to you and big smiles :) xgins


Thank you.

As a single parent you just brought tears to my eyes! I know life is really hard for me with 3 of my 5 children still at home. Somedays by the time they leave for school i feel like its time for a lie down, but a million other things need doing.

Hope your OH continues to do well after his op, Tina x


I'm a former single parent, my daughter is now at uni and I still remember how hard it was, especially not knowing what was wrong with me and trying to keep a full time job. Something had to give in the end, 1st it was my health and then the job.

I salute anyone trying to cope with fibro, no matter what their life siuation. You prove my point.

As for DLA, I'm waiting for the postie to find out if I won/lost my tribunal.

Take it easy VG. You can only do as much as your body allows. I know your son will take priority but housework will always be there lol!!!!

Thanks for the recognition

I hope you and your OH have a great day.

Blessed love xx


VeryGrumpy ~ We all have our crosses to bear to different degrees, single of not singel... but huge thank you for the acknowledgement.. it is hard, but I wouldnt be without them. Hugs xxx


So pleased the op went well VG! :)

I've seen both sides of the coin, I was a single parent with three children for years and now am happily remarried with three children! I never take for granted my status now, that I have a lovely hubby to help me through my days. It can happen to other single Fibromites too, we never know what's round the corner.

Wishing everyone every happiness! :)


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