is dropping things without realizing something normal?

I've been having problems with keeping things in my hands! especially my left hand (i'm a lefty), just this morning without I even realize it, I dropped the plate I was carrying, and after a while I grabbed an egg and while I was on my way to the kitchen counter I just dropped the egg on the floor.... the weird thing about it is neither the plate nor the egg were heavy in weight!

Is that normal?

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  • Hi, unfortunately, I drop things all the time and my grip goes - it's the lighter items I tend to drop -

  • I see, guess it's common then.

  • Hi Dina 88

    It happens to me all the time in both hands, I just drop stuff and dont know that I have done it,

    I have read that it is common in Fibro,

  • alright! good to know it's common. Thanks Fibrodave

  • i do it all the time , and as reflections said is normaly the lighter stuff , and taking things that people pass me is always tricky as i tend to miss first time oopps :)

  • i drop things all the time too, didnt know why till now.

  • i am always dropping things too with both may be a sympton of fibro btu dercums disease(more nerve complaint??)has the same symptons + more than fibro.

  • Hi, I drop things constantly but mine is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which I have had for several years now. I am having an op on one hand next month after putting it off for so long. Why we drop things is because our thumb is a fraction behind the rest of our fingers which results in us not being able to grasp things! I would get this checked out with your GP, especially if you have numbness and a heavy painful feeling in your hands :)

  • Have same problems, but the pain has now turned to a horrible nerve like pain (reminds me of shingles pain). Thought I was just clumsy, but now have difficulty lifting anything. My carer tries to stop me lifting anything especially plates or drinks coz its so dangerous. Not sure if this is Fibro or something else as the pain is so different.

  • I drop things too and again it does tend to be lighter and less easily broken things... :-?

    I had thought this was due to the fact that I don't take as much care as I do when I'm picking up something a little heavier or more breakable but wonder if this is so now...?? Sometimes I'll pick up something light and immediately drop it, pick it up again only to drop it again!! This can happen 3 or 4 times before I try another way of making sure I don't drop it!! Frustrating - AND embarrassing when this happens with my debit card, keys, glasses, stick or whatever in a shop, which it often seems to!! I'm sure that some people wonder if I've been drinking at times!! :-/

    I have though also dropped plates and bowls and smashed them on our tiled kitchen floor, which is not at all forgiving. The worst thing I've ever dropped was a big saucepan of home-made watercress soup (stupid of me to try and pick it up really but this was about 10 years ago, I certainly wouldn't try it now!!!! The pan "bounced" around the kitchen whirling around and spreading bright green soup everywhere, over the walls, window, shelves and units - it even got onto the ceiling!! It took AGES to clean up. :-( Now I always ask someone else to pick up anything heavy or hot or that is difficult to get hold of.

  • Hi all I drop thimns so much my hubby has taken over filling the dishwasher and emptying it, he also does all the cooking as he likes his food on the plate note the floor, we don't have a complete dinner service left I've broken somthing from all of them, so hubby says hands off he even carrys my platt into he livig room as there's no room onkitchen table its covered in hi junk, I quit smoking about 16 years ago so he was banished to smoke in the kitchen and as we have a telly in there he's taken it over he's since quit smoking but still lives in the kitchen. Gentle hugs for all . Sithy

  • I am new to this site and thankfully I am finding out a lot of things I thought was just me turns out are quite common. I feel as if I drop everything I pick up. I drop my keys almost everyday unlocking the front door and the car door. For ages I have refused to lift glass dishes from the oven 'just in case'. Now I know why, it's not just me being clumsy.

  • My diagnosis was confirmed 1 week ago, for a long time I had all the symptoms, unbalance, confusion anxiety, pain all over, headaches, not sleeping and waking up like I was hit by a truck, my skin hurts, I was put on lyrica 25 mg and felt a little more normal. today I decided to try to go back to my regular life, I went grocery shopping, what a disaster, I dropped a box of fresh cookies everywhere, a carton of eggs on the floor, trying to put my grocery's at check out can't tell you how many things I dropped, needless to say came home totally exhausted and had to take a nap. I am scared things are changing fast. I work full time, as a clinical administrator run a very busy clinic with 7 doctors, hence why it took me so long to see a doctor. I pretended I was okay. My hands hurt so bad I can no longer blow dry my own hair, and go to a salon 1-2 x per week. If I try to pull a chart my assistant has to do if for me. My problem I cannot take any pain meds as it hurts my stomach, even tylenol. I am waiting to see a fibro specialist. My question how can I be functional this winter and all of a sudden unable to function like a normal human. My family does not understand how can someone who was out all day saturday shopping and come home cook, and clean, put groceries away and now can't even go up the stairs. Is there help for me without taking pain meds.

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