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Recorded this programme recently... gentle exercises all done on a chair designed for the over 50s. Ha I thought I am not 50 yet and the lady who does the gentle exercise alongside the instructor looks to be in her 70s.. So I sat in my chair ... Pressed start and arrrgghhhh I couldn't even keep up with the the lady let alone the instructor. My leg is on the floor my elbows stuck under my armpit and I think I threw my neck out of the window halfway through... I refuse to give in I have set my self a target of twice a week and will see if I improve by Christmas

Staggers off looking for hot pack..

VG xx

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hot pack hmmn mines under my knees as we speak!!!! good luck xxx


Tee hee, I was just imagining you in a right old tangle, good luck with your next attempt.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


Nice one for giving it a go. I tried keeping up with the one on tv and gave up after a couple moves and settled down to A Place in the Sun (dreaming's still free isn't it?)

Good luck xx


Well Grumpy maybe you will be able to beat everyone at twister for :p

Warm Gentle hugs is what iss needed me thinks x x x(((((HUG)))))))))


I did that too and it hurt me bad and as you say that women is close to 80 i think.Dont do it if it hurts bad ,the only thing i can do is walk and cant always do that but body permitting .They keep telling me excersise is key what they dont tell you about is the bad flare ups ..


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