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Recently diagnosed with fibro by my GP so I'm a new one!!

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Hi all, I stumbled across this site but am so pleased to have found it! I've been diagnosed by my GP as having fibro without any tests being done. I get flu like symptoms often, which can last for 24 hours and just go. Thankfully, it's not happened for the last 6 months. Basically, the Dr gave me a list of fibro symptoms and asked me if I though I had it, to which I replied yes, as I have a lot of the symptoms. Are there any tests that can be carried out to confirm if I do or not?

I get all the pain in the bottom of my back, down my legs and sometimes can't walk because my glutes/back seem to go into spasm. I get foggy, forget things and words etc. Reading some of the posts and symptoms makes me think even more that it is fibro too.

Can anyone offer any advice on who I should see to confirm if I do or don't. Thanks :)

12 Replies
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Hi Katymfs , Welcome to a place where you can get the info you need.Do you live in UK ?? There are a couple of different ways from UK and US.Have a good day. Peck.🐤

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Katymfs in reply to peck

Hi Peck, Thank you for the welcome. I'm in the UK :)

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Hi and welcome you will get lots of help and advice here the girls and boys are lovely.

I was diagnosed with Fibro over 20 years ago. I was getting lots of pains. And flu like symptoms including bad fatigue at times. My doc sent me to a Rheumatoligist who examined me pressing many points all over my body which were very tender& painful. I was quite shocked that I hurt that much when he pressed those areas. Anyway I was given the diagnosis of Fibro and given Amytriptyline which didn't agree with me. I was also given Ibuprofen which did help my inflammation over the years the Fibro seemed to improve but still leaving me with a foggy head and fatigue at times . I also suffer PsA and OA, psoriasis 3 types and spinal stenosis. Now the pain has all mingled together which isn't nice.

Some people suffer Fibro very severe others suffer but with not such severe symptoms and can still work. It's just like other diseases and how they can affect you in a bad way. Unfortunately I have arthritis in every joint so never without pain.

You can always ask your doctor to see a rheumatologist to confirm your diagnosis.

Good luck for the future.

Jen x

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I am kind of in the same spot. I was diagnosed 15 ish yrs ago by a doctor who diagnosed my mom with fibro, this Dr is one I think gives drugs out a little too easily and i never trusted him. But I was never given any test and I feel so unsure. Like what if I have something else that I just haven't been treated for. But I haven't felt confident that it isn't fibro.

BUT unfortunately there is no fibro test. You can get checked for stuff that has similar symptoms. Autoimmune test is one you could run to just check and make sure it isn't anything. I think it is called an ANA. Ummm but that all I really know.

I think

Lyme disease and MS might be something to rule out.

But I don't really know much of what other things to check for.

BUT if you do have fibro then all your test would come up negative.

I would have to pay cash for tests so I haven't had any done, but I am interested to see what other people say.

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Hi Katymfs

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

I must admit that the symptoms of Fibro are similar to some other medical conditions (but please remember that I am not a doctor) and most members here have undergone different tests to rule out other medical conditions prior to a diagnosis of Fibro.

I would ''guess?'' that most members were diagnosed by a Rheumatologist? Who has then sent them back to their GP. I was diagnosed by a private consultant who called in several specialists as I have several other ongoing medical conditions.

If you have a GP at your surgery who is approachable then it would not hurt to get a second opinion or just talk to them about what the doctor said to you? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Katymfs in reply to TheAuthor

Thanks so much for all the replies and apologies for not getting back to everyone sooner. Google at work seems to be playing up and I couldn't reply, home this morning and I've managed to get on the site.

Good to know I'm not alone but so awful that so many have fibro. Will have a trawl through and see what advice I can get. I get all the lower back spasms and awful pain down my right leg, particularly in bed. Can take a while to go to sleep, then wake up and that's it then, no sleep 😢 Getting used to it now though and am coping okay, just get fed up with the lack of sleep at times.

Hope everyone isn't in too much pain today. Take care everyone 😀😀

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TheAuthor in reply to Katymfs

Please take care of yourself my friend and good luck :)

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Heya. Welcome!this is a very kind and supportive forum. A GP can diagnose but you can also ask to see a rheumatologist to confirm. There's a few meds you can try but be wary of possible weight gain on some, particularly pregablin and gabapentin. Ive found duloxetine the least side effects, alongside 30mg coco demol, with naproxen on bad days aswell. There's lots of things you can do to improve your symptoms, like yoga and stress reduction/relaxion. If you haven't already you may want to try high dose b12, and magnesium citrate. Supplements are a bit hit and miss (I've tried so many!) but those two seem to help a lot of Fibromites. Any questions please PM me. Lots of luck on this journey, wishing you lots of good days. Xxx

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I have spent the last 4 years trying to get diagnosed with fibro as its not easy. There isn't just 1 test that can determine if you have fibro or not. Doctors and consultants tend to test everything else it could be, that do have a 1 time test, like arthritis they will test for inflammation in the blood and do scans around the painful area, they have also tested me for several cancers etc that cause pain in the joints like myloma.

I have been back and forth from rheumatoid consultants for years and many prefer to deal with arthritis and as i do not have that many don't bother with me and send me back to my doctor. However a few weeks ago i had a breakthrough with 1 of them who believed me and has sent me for these tests to rule everything else out. Once these come back negative then she can fully diagnose me with fibro.

From there painkillers such as amitriptyline will be prescribed, dependent on your pain. Also there are groups available. Best thing to do is do to your doctor and ask to see a rheumatoid consultant about your pain. Where abouts do you live?

good luck

Katie x

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Katymfs in reply to KatieERoberts

Thanks Katie. I'm in north wales. Some good advice above. 😀😀

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KatieERoberts in reply to Katymfs

Good luck xx

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Thanks Hun 😀

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