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Every morning I read all the bloggs and I love the fact that as fellow Fibro

sufferers we can each read our selves in others problems. So many of us suffer the same pains, the same problems in our daily lives but we all endeavour to help each other however we can. It may be a small one liner but it gives us comfort and helps us cope. Brilliant, marvelous oh that we were not here but we are so onwards and upwards, grab a smile and aim for another day push the pain away we are fantastic dont forget it!

Hugs to you all (((((((((())))))))))))))))) xgins

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;-) x


Totally agree! A Virtual World of kind strangers we've never met but feel like our closest friends. :) Amazing!


So right Hugs to you and all xx


Agreed! I don't say a lot on here, but read every single morning, it's my first port of call when I wake up.... Thank you all for being here .... Hugzzzz


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