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Oh help!

I wrote a blog a little while ago about starting a foundation course in counselling. Well I've jut had my third Saturday there(it's one day a week) omg what a struggle it's been,however I knew it wouldn't be easy. I seem to need a whole week to recover from one day! Was so poorly Saturday while I was there,needed to sleep for the lunchtime break. The afternoons are very hard pain and fatigue wise but this last Saturday has been the worst. Is this what I've got to look forward to every week now?im hoping and praying it will get better otherwise I can't see how I will be able to cope. With trying new diets my stomache isn't good either,that makes my anxiety worse then I can't think straight and I feel so daft. Am trying to think of ways to make things easier for myself. I have to climb three flights of stairs which has been very hard I do that four times a day. Maybe I need to stay upstairs for the day as the stairs drain my energy. It's nice to get a break from the same room but I'm wondering if that would help.

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I think that you need to try to make life as easy as possible.Have you informed your tutor that you are ill and may find things difficult? You should get extensions on any homework that you are set.Do you take a cushion and plenty of drink so that you are comfortable?.I've only done a residential introduction to counselling course and that was really full on so I know how draining it can be.Make sure that you can put your pajamas on as soon as you get home and maybe have a takeaway? You are doing really well good luck x


Hi TM43, your doing great, try stick with it. Get intouch with the disability unit of the college, and get there support, you are entitilled to a note taker, this will help as you want need to stay as focussed as you will know someone is there helping, also it means if you need to leave early they still take the notes then get them posted out to you, there is also the option of asking about whether you could tape each lesson so you could use it at home.The stairs are a real problem is there any chance you could make sure you have enough food and drink to last so you don't need to go out? also ask for a private place dif room or something and explain that you need this so when its getting to much you can go have a short rest and then come back, and yes ask the tutors to give you copies of there slides etc, be open with people and your'll get through it. I did a counselling and psychology degree and it can be tough going but I stuck with it you learn so much more about yourself. I hope some of this is useful Hugs xx


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