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Bad few days HELP

Had a fantaqstic week last week - was it the hot, glorious weather?

It turned very cold here on Saturday (Aberdeen, Scotland) and since then it's been a downward spiral in regards to fatigue and pain.

Just wanted to sleep Saturday and Sunday. Sunday evening I eventually managed some ironing and did the second part of it on Monday. Last night had awful headache when I got to bed and eventually got to sleep at about 2am. This morning got up feeling not too bad but an hour after breakfast it was back to bed, sore neck and absolutely no strength in my legs. Got up at 3pm!!! Still no energy - used last of food in fridge so will have to find the strength tomorrow to go food shopping :-( I'm trying my uttmost not to feel depressed - guyfriend coming over later - haven't seen him since Friday as I've been too tired. Perhaps a good hug will help. What do you think? The leg weakness? Is it better to rest or to walk it off and do things?

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sorry to hear that ruth ,i find when i feel like that i try to keep a bit mobile so i dont stifen completly up ,but everyone is different ,

hope you have a lovely hug later sounds like you need it

gentle hugs from me :) xxxxxxxxx


Thanks Lynz - hugs to you too xxxxx


and go online and get food shopping delivered!! i do its a godsend xx


I find a nice hot bath and a muscle rub helps as well as when my legs get like that they drive me daft twitching and aching in bed xxx


Hi ruth,

I agree with lynz about keep moving, i know its painful but i think it helps more than if you give in a sit. :)

I hope it doesnt last too long, and the weather picks up.

Sending a big gentle hug. :)

kel xxx


Was just watched the news, you poor peeps in Scotland. Lovely warm weather last week and then SNOW. how freaky, sure would be a shock to anyones system, Bless ya.

I also say nice hot bath or shower, keep moving about. and lots of hugs x x

if you go out wrap up warm. (oh i am turning, into my mother) LOL.

Big warm hugs

Lou x x


Thanks all.... off to bed, shattered.... taking a warm wheat pillow with me, soft hugs to you all. I used to shop for groceries online but got annoyed about the 'use by' dates they picked for me or the substitutes. But it does sound like I should start doing it again.... it would help at times like this.

Nighty night xxxx


sorry you are struggling it is horrible when you are in middle of flare up you neber know how long it is going to last , your legs blesss ya mine go like that and you really have to go with what your body will let you do hope you feel bit better soon love to you diddle x


I'm worse too since the weather turned back to winter. Hips have been in agony all day today. I find gentle swimming followed by a jacuzzi helps me. It's the hardest thing in the world to convince yourself to exercise when you already feel like you've been run over by a bus but it does honestly help. I always think of fm in terms of a machine - overwork it and it will burn out from exhaustion, neglect it and it will soon seize up and go rusty but keep it well oiled and ticking over and it will keep going - fm is much the same! When I say well oiled I don't mean down a bottle of wine lol! x


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