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My lunch disaster

My OH working later today so I decided to make myself toast topper on toast.... Bearing in mind I get dla for being unable to cook

... Put the toast in toaster really light.. Took it out spread on toast topper then put that under grill on grill pan.... It smelt soooo delicious when it was cooked I took the grill pan out... My hand promptly gave way... I stupidly tried to grab the tray with my other hand and burnt a finger the grill pan ended up on the floor having hit my toe on the way down and toast and contents got strewn about the kitchen floor so having spent half an hour cleaning up the mess.... I am sitting here typing this eating a bar of chocolate for lunch nursing a bruised toe and burnt finger..... Now I know why I am gaining weight... Unless food is cooked for me I eat junk...

VG x

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Um ... ok ... possible helpful solution (also possible useless solution, dependent on the layout of your kitchen) - make sure that your plate is right next to the grill (if it's an eye-level grill, it's easy; if not, then less so). Pull the grill tray out as little as possible, then put the plate right under the tray and use a knife or spatula to slide the toast onto the plate. Hopefully, the worst that will happen this way is that your toast will end up upside-down on the plate!

I do this with cheese-and-chilli-topped crumpets in the morning, and they do end up on their face sometimes, but at least I'm not trying to balance anything heavy and hot with my wonky hands!

Hope the finger and toe feel better soon! xx


Ohhh VG i can relate!!

I was going to post aswell lol

Last Monday did not do work chauffering girls or training i stayed home. Not myself for some reason

I have 2 kittens & 1 dog , so thought will change cat litter tray 'heavy' 2 hands careful to kitchen nearly dropped in bin,

Freshened it up scooping out from heavy cat litter bag, put newspaper in tray 1st

Did other tray all fresh, walking in room with 1st tray it dropped from my hands upside down jeeez omg no thank heavens 'clean' brought 2nd tray all over in same place!

Took forever to clean up shoveling most of it,

Then i bring foid trays in drops them,

To top it all my dinner like you toast buttering is not the easiest painful,

Ham & cheese in microwave,

Cup of tea, use both hands and guess what drops yep all in one day!!! But am sure i posted last week must be something in the air 'literaly haha



Bad luck VG still at least you got to eat chocolate for lunch.

Take care xgins


Oh dear VG! I hope your injured bits feel better soon, it can be perilous in the kitchen can't it,

I personally would sooner have chocolate than a toast topper, less effort and far more yummy! :)

Have you tried a toasted sandwich with one of those toasty bags, they're safe enough to use in a toaster without risk of injury, less to handle, no hot pans or tins etc. Makes a yummy quick lunch or snack. :)


My favourite trick is I forget that it's actually hot in an oven & try to take things out with my bare hands! As soon as I touch the metal I think "you stupid woman!" and reach for the aloe vera plant on the window sill.

I've also had incidents where my grip has suddenly gone, last year I got boiling jam on my hand as I tried to ladle it into a jar (that was absolute agony) & on more than one occasion I've had mugs of tea & the contents of pots & pans over me too but so far been really lucky to have been wearing loose clothing at the time. I'm trying to encourage my 13 yo son to put his "Home Eccy" lessons into practice to take some of the pressure off (hubby struggles to use the microwave).


Oh poor you!! I hope it heals up quickly & that you manage to get something delicious AND nutritious to eat soon... mind you chocolate has an awful lot going for it!! :-/


so you live in my world?

junk is much safer & easier!

hope you are feeling better now x


it could have been much worse. hope you are ok. I would have had to let the dog clean up the mess and leave the rest for OH to clear up when he got home. I attempted to 'help' the other week luckily OH was there as I would never had had oven on. i went I move a hot pan from one side if sink to the other, was only just trying to help, grabbed oven Mit and then the pan, but didn't realise oven Mit slipped from my hands as I can't always jfeel things properly and grabbed hold of burning hot pan with my bare hand, luckily it was by the sink so plenty of cold water saved me from any lasting damage by it did it hurt! I hate not being able to do the things that were at one time so easy. when this happened all I did was to just cry. it didn't make me feel any better though..... so I know how you feel xxx


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