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fibro clinic today

I can't believe 3 months have past since my last visit to the fibro/Me cfs clinic i Hope today that they can help. I feel really rough today pain and soreness in my back muscles and joints Grumpy is an understatement today. sore throat and feel drowsy good job my hubby is driving me there. I am going to ask for vitamin blood tests i think as tinnitus is linked with b12 apparently it's worth a try. I am stressed at the moment as my appeal for esa is next monday i will be relieved when it is over.

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I do hope that the clinic can help you Linksy. I suffer from tinnitus and mine has got steadily worse over the last few weeks making sleep very difficult. I didn't know it was connected to Vit B12 and as far as I know, I haven't had mine tested either so good luck and please let us know how you get on. Jane x


Hi sorry you have tinnitus it is a nightmare my sister suggested i put some low background music on to help me. when it is really driving me mad i do as it is a distraction away from the high pitched whistling. I am going to try vitamins anything is worth a try to save me going nuts lol x


well finally had an appointment with someone who talks sense about how the physical cognitive and emotional are linked to the way fibromyalgia chronic fatigue affects someone.

Hallelujah she talked to me like a human being not an idiot as usually has happened where they talk slowly as if you are stupid. she suggested i right a reflective diary about my physical symptoms emotional issues and how i am funtioning mentally on that day.

It makes sense to reflect and it is always surprising what comes up when i type a blog. usually strong feelings have an effect on my energy levels. she suggested midmorning an mid afternoon healthy snacks and relaxation sessions twice a day. gentle exercise without exertion all common sense really she suggested i visit the webpage for advice on fatigue strategies. and i am off to the library to get a few books on fatigue. I still feel groggy today but now feel i can move forward. amazing how different i feel than the other visits when i felt patronised and hopeless when i came out.


Glad that you had a positive outcome. Let us know if you find any interesting books! Jane x


Hi here is a link to the patient information section for the clinic and some of the books recommended,i will be ordering mine from the library


Fighting Fatigue: a practical guide to managing the symptoms of CFS/ME by Sue Pemberton and Catherine Berry

Stress-related illness: advice for people who give too much by Dr Tim Cantopher

A small, easy to read guide to stress and how it can impact on people’s health. Practical advice for helping people with long term conditions to cope with stress and useful for understanding how stress can affect the body’s own systems.

Manage your mind: the mental fitness guide by Gillian Butler and Tony Hope

A useful book for any patient with a long term condition to help them develop skills to manage time, relationships, stress, build self confidence and esteem (amongst others) to improve their health and well being. This would be a good companion guide to a gentle physical fitness guide to help patients build skills to improve their health and well being over time.


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