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FIBROMYALGIA - I am in the process to compiling information for an ESA appeal/tribrunial. Can anyone give me any advice to what additional information I can give to support my case - either printable reports, pass court cases/references etc. Thank you.

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Your ESA claim is not about the name of your illness; it is about how it affects you. So quite honestly you can send stuff on Fibromyalgia as a condition until you are blue in the face and it wont make a blind bit of difference .... but there are lots of things you CAN submit that are all about you.

What you DO need is evidence of how your illness affects you.

This can be evidence of appointments with consultants, your care plan if you have one, your carers diary of visits, a letter from your doctor, consultant, specialist or nurses. A statement from your previous employer as to why you are no longer able to carry out your job, trade or profession, a statement from those who know you as to your ability to do things eg take care of yourself, sit, stand, walk.

If you have not already used the benefits and work helpsheets please get tehm and use them as they are excellent (message Admin with your email address saying you are going to ESA appeal and could they sent you the relevant benefits and work helpsheets).

Good luck

Julie xx

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Ummmm in my experience ( I have now got low rate dla) DON,T mention fibro... Just tell them your pains aches problems care what you can't do... And if you have another illness. I developed arthritis 4 years ago... Push that.... The word fibromyalgia doesn't seem to exist in the world of ESA atos dla.... certainly not where I live .... But funnily gps and hospitals DO believe in it and I get plenty of help from them which the dla ignore....

Good luck


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keep a diary and log your worst periods too and what assistance you need, it does not have to be physical, it could be having a grab rail in the shower, changing your clothes to aid you i.e give up the tights and wear pop socks, it all helps. Also contact Citizena advice and ask to speak to one of their health specialists - get someone else to complete it, or contact the council and ask to speak to a tenancy support officer or welfare rights office in the council. Good luck. x

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thank you for your advice

If you email us at we will be happy to send you the Benefits and Work info sheets which have lots of info on ESA appeals and tribunals. Hopefully you will find this info helpful. :)

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Thank you - Just done it

in reply to gadget

:) my pleasure, good luck with everything Gadget! :)

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