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Fibromyalgia Conference

Was just wondering if there is or has ever been a conference for Fibromyalgia sufferers in the UK? I know with lots of illnesses conferences are held to give people chance to meet each other and get the updated information.

Will be off to bed soon as I have a date with triplet number 3 tomorrow morning so will need to have my wits about me (if I am lucky) and some energy to entertain him so will check in tomorrow to see if there has been any response to my question.

Hope everyone sleeps well, Angela xx

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and you too angela! xxx


yes hun,

i hope you slept well?

i went to one at Arrow Park hospital in the wirral Cheshire. I found it to be very helpful and i learned a lot from the conferance but more from the fellow sufferers of fibro. I hope someone can help you find one in your local area.


yes that would def be a good thing to go to love to you diddle x


HI Angela, there is a fibro conference this year but the cost is a bit prohibitive, especially for those on esa/dla etc.

Have a good day x


i found that it was worth it but yes fibropixie is right it cost me £25 and it include a fibro pack with a lot of good usefull information your lunch and a lot of specialist who spent the day talking to you and answering questions. but beware there will be a lot of sales reps trying to sell you there items claiming they can help you..? on the other hand you can help yourself to a selection of free samples.


Thanks for that Dobby, I'll maybe get along next year.


i have been to the last two fibro conferences in the UK and i am going to this years too which is next weekend as people have said they are a little expensive but they do include all meals, board and conference for three days.


Hi, thanks for all your replies. Its such a shame the conference is in a few days time otherwise I would have attempted to go.

Is there any way someone can give the details of the next conference on this blog when the dates etc. are known. It would be great if a gang of us could meet up and put faces to the names. It feels as though I have known some of you for years, just like a big happy family.

Angela x


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