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If you use a mobility scooter shop in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent!

I used a Shopmobility scooter in Hanley today, okay it was a bit tight in New Look BUT that was more than made up for by the lovely friendly attitude of the people who were brilliant about moving if I said "Excuse me please", great for keeping lift doors open whilst I joked about "dangerous Grand-mother reversing", all in all really pleasant, no huffing and people were apologising for being in my way where no apologies were needed.

I've read about others having bad experiences with Scooters ... but Hanley on a busy Saturday afternoon was great.

Still what would you expect from the land where men call each other "Duck"?

Kudos to the Stokies

Julie xx

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I find that if you go out of your way to be nice to people and be careful not to cause distress to them with your scooter they will generally be lovely to you (even when you knock the displays over in their shop!)


I nearly did that to a display of mugs in the Disney Shop.

I'm not known for my reversing skills on Mobility Scooters, earlier this year I visited the Tank Museum and reversed my scooter into a tank!!! My BF still hasn't finished telling the world about that one .......

Julie xx


Good to hear people are ok .. I find if I am smiley and friendly people Are usually fine , holding doors open etc. I call my scooter my legs so I wait for people with kids buggies and shopping, also those with walking sticks. Those that barge through with scooters, thinking it is there right (sure we have all met a few .) give us careful drivers a bad name . I have knocked down a few things DVD display in HMV .. Shoes in M&S oh well I am still not as bad behaved as some kids out shopping ..

Have agood day all

Joy x


Re. All of the above! I find people respond to a smile, joke and manners. I dont think I have had anyone (even local young hoodlums) be anything but kind & friendly. Not to say I'm always going to be so lucky, but I wonder if sometimes people feel awkward/embarrassed and dont know how to respond? Keep smiling even when you feel like crying! :)


I agree!

I say "I nearly had to use the horn there!" and then do - it's a pathetic quiet rasp that wonder scare a fly, humour clears a lot of pathways! did you see my positive holiday blog?

I'm due to get my new WAV that I can dive my big b*gger scooter right inside on the 22nd - it'll change my life as my walking isn't so good. 8 more sleeps!





wonder = wouldn't


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