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Montmorency cherry

Hi all

Been soooo long since I've been on here but wanted to share this with you all.

The other day my very kind Aunty in law cut out a newspaper clipping on the benefits of montmorency cherry for fibro sufferers. As I am now 36 weeks pregnant and the fibro has been so bad through the pregnancy I was willing to try anything.

Went to holland and barratt and got some juice containing the cherry called active cherry (they also sell capsules but apparantly the juice gets into your system quicker) and 4 days ago began drinking. Since then I have only had minor twinges and have slept better (apart from the usual late pregnancy toilet visits) than I have for months!!!!!!!!

This juice is not cheap but it's certainly a price I'm willing to pay to feel human again without the need for artificial drugs!!

I hope this can help

Gentle hugs guys xx

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Wow, sounds good to me. I am always up for trying new things! Good luck with your pregnancy! x


Wow will try that thanks ...Good luck with your pregnancy.

Gentle hugs x


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