After complaining to the Practise Manager, have finally got a result from GP. He is referring me back to the Rheumatologist, ! HOORAY altered my meds! Might be able to finally get those plonkers at ATOS [ HEALTH PRACTIONERS } to see that this Fibro syndrome actually exists. Thank you to all who gave me wonderful support last week when I was seriously down. I really was at a very low ebb. I feel as though my fighting spirit is returning.

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  • Excellent news !



  • Glad to hear things are looking up - it's one of the sad facts of fibro - we're still trying to convince half the world & medical profession that it exists! As if we'd invent this!

  • well done Jessica so pleased you are feeling so positive


  • pleased for you :) many comforting fluffies to help you on your way :D


  • Why do we have to fight for everything !! From getting a Drs appointment to actually get them to listen !!

  • Good for you and so good to hear! It's a real shame that we have to fight for everything when most of the time we are weak,tired and in pain :(

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