I am shocked!!!!

I got a letter today, in a brown envelope, the paper looked like it was recycled, I thought it would be about my ESA so didnt think anything as I opened it. I was shocked to see it was from the DLA

My daughter started shaking, as did I, we both sat there with our mouths open...I had done it...High rate Mobility and high rate care.!!!!!! OMGGGGGG

This is until 2015. I am so happy, I feel bad for those still waiting or getting nowhere.

DOnt give up, please keep appealing,

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  • Ohh well done. It is always good to hear when they have got the decision right :-)

    Julie xx

  • Congrats Nanatre! That is good news - it also gives hope to our other members that things actually can go your way! All is not lost - keep appealing, don't give up even though it's so hard sometimes. :)

  • nice one glad someones getting the help they need

  • What excellent news! That will help you no end xgins

  • good you! so pleased to hear that the reality of Fms was taken seriously :-)

  • That is great news but what a way to worry you with the state of the envelope though :(

  • Well done hope we all get what we deseve xx

  • Well done its one less worry soft hugs xxx

  • Congratulations, its a great feeling when you finally win, I fought to the end and won the appeal. Best bit is receiving the payment backdated to day of application, boy I enjoyed that lol.

    Keep pushing in everybody who is battling dla it really does make a big difference to your life.

  • Brilliant news in being rewarded as its a hard journey and a lot to take in at same time as those Q you fill in are quite indepth and personal to us all .

    Now you can feel a little less stressed worrying.

    Xxxx huggles xxxx

  • Well done, i have a medical on friday and know full well the doc will take one look at me and straight away think no. Its positive news. Xx

  • i have been awarded low rate care but i now have copd just wondering if its worth applying 4 the mobility component

  • I got high rate mobility and low care indefinite back in 2001. So I decided to let things lie when I found out I had COPD. But who knows when it changes to PIP I may get more, or less or if it is donw to ATOS nothing at all xxxxx

  • excellent, my wife just won dla appeal so we are happy too. good for you i wish you all the best

  • Congratulations so happy for you . Sithy

  • Great news! So pleased for you. xx

  • Fantastic. Hope for all as we all share the experience of having to beg for something we need. Brillient news though. x

  • Like this answer as its true ! Xx

  • Good news x I appealed twice and didnt realise you can only appeal once. I recieved a phone call from them asking why it was late ans said because I was waiting on paperwork to include in my appeal. I am waiting to hear now. Really need it to keep warm this Winter.

    Luckycharm x

  • well done i sent mine off last week just have to wait now x

  • Well done you.....I am going for my first tribunal very soon so I hope I can get it too xxxxxx

  • Lovely news, gives us all hope x

  • Such great news am so happy for you, gives me hope that as and when I need it I will stand a chance of getting it. Good luck to all who are applying/appealing.

  • This is great news well done youxxx

  • Good news and well done!! We are all slowly getting there!! x

  • Great news and im sure it was a hard won victory, hopefully you can now relax well at least untill 2015 nd concentrate on living with fibro nd managing your health. Your victory inspires us all in our own fight to have this condition recogonised. X

    Dixie xx

  • but while your appealing arent you surviving on less money? what happens about your benefits when you appeal. it used to be reduced by (i think) half. recently i read its only £30 a week. (not much good if you live alone with no one to help you financially to pay rent etc. feed yourself and keep warm). more recently i read the government are talking about stopping ALL benefits for people who appeal. how can you carry on living let alone keep on appealing under those circumstances? i try to help both my son and daughter. the latter is my carer. son has fibro. but my DLA/ state pension with pension credit will only go so far.i have no savings now. to see either of my kids and get out the house or get them to mine cos they cant afford buses, it costs me £12 return to my sons and £13 return to my daughters. i cant use buses on my own. my daughter is havin ,by necessity, to reduce the days she comes to me cos she gets income support but her carers allowance is means tested so around 2 thirds of it is taken off her income support. if she had a working partner. she would keep it all. but she too lives on her own.

    sorry to put a damper on all the above as i am so pleased for those who got their DLA,. well done to them. but just wondered if there is hope for those living alone as living alone implies you can manage, if you can manage t=you can work (according to ATOS).,

  • Sorry to be damp squid but the delightful goverment will ignore what you have got when it rolls out PIPS before 2015. We will all have to jump through those hoops again sadly. However before that raise awareness about FMS will help so everyone knows we are not scroungers or fakes. Every chemist get a poster/flyer in so others know the symptoms. Where do we all end up? The chemist getting painkillers etc. So fight back. If there was better knowledge we would nothave to fight ignorance as well as HMG!

  • Fantastic news Nanatre, well done you!!!!! Hugs!xxxxxx

  • Great news I'm really really really happy for you perseverance helps some times its brilliant news if I'm running on its cos I've been awake since 1am didn't get to sleep till 11pm so not much kip but lots of pain wish it was other way around.

    I was one of the lucky ones I was awarded high rate mobility and high rate care in 1993 or 1994 can't remember which as I've slept since then I always say that when I forget things, but I digress as I was saying I got my DLA awarded first time of trying and I got it for life I think it may have been a bit easier back then and I did fill in the form from my worse days point of view that may have helped,

    but its your happy time I'm so so pleased for you . Bigggggggggggggggggg general hugggggtgss.

    This one is for all of thoe loverly peopple hwo habee awarded their well erned benefits well done you all desert it biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig general huges for along

  • I am over the moon for you. So nice to hear a happy story regarding this and lets hope a few mre have that result. x

  • well done it had the same effect on me as well - well done x

  • So pleased for you :D

  • well done to you so happy you got what you deservexxxx

  • This is brilliant news. My daughter got her DLA awarded indefinite just recently xxxxx

  • Aw well done, I'm just at the beginning of going for a tribunal, so will need all the luck I can get, but well done you, I'm so pleased for you.

  • Aw well done, I'm just at the beginning of going for a tribunal, so will need all the luck I can get, but well done you, I'm so pleased for you.

  • So pleased for you xx

  • so pleased to hear that darlinggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Congratulations brilliant news. I applied a little while ago and got a letter last week that they are writing to my Gp so finger crossed some of your good fortune rubs off on me xx

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