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Made someone happy today

Went for my first trip out since coming back from the hospital to take a small black bundle of fluff to his new home. He made himself at home and new mummy loves him already. Came from next door. Mummy and daddy cats had not been snipped cos they had never shown interest in any shinanagins - 7 kittens later daddy cat has finally had the snip!

After an hour of being out I felt like I'd done a full day's work but baby steps I suppose

Storm x

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Sounds like a good days work giving a Kitty a new home.

My friend has 4 little boy kitties she is going to train up to be farm cats - they are adorable but so small they have to be kept in the barn or else the buzzard would take off with them!

She also has two shire horses too Razzle and Highlander; Razzle is such a sweetheart - she is in the early stages of pregnancy (for horses it is 11 months) and she loves to have the skin between her udders scratched, Highlander is her son, he pulls a really gormless face when scratched between his ears; they are lovely characters. I love visiting her but have to keep sitting down as I walk around her farm! It is only a couple of miles away and it is so peaceful there.

Julie xx


Julie it sounds a very theraputic farm to visit. I have a farm right at the back of us no horses though it is peaceful but I never thought of it like that x gins


Well done storm, a little outing but quite enough I think. Glaad you are being "good" and that you are feelomg a bit better xgins


Ah that farm sounds idyllic. I haven't seen my boy for a couple of weeks but I know he's being taken good care of. The farm he is at is lovely I miss going up there and sitting in the barn drinking coffee whilst grooming Jerry. If will probably be a couple of months before I can ride again but I have a sharer so he is getting plenty of exercise at least. I'm stuck at home with 4 cats and a chinchilla for now


Hi storm glad your feeling somewhat better can tell from the tone of your blog bet you were smiling when you wrote it I no I was smiling as I red it General gugss . Silly


I know what you mean about short trips out, feels like you have gone around the world. I only go out for appointments and then once fortnightly I spend the day with my son, gives everyone a bit fo a break xxxxx


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