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What next?

Anyone else sick and tired of worrying about benefits? On the ESA working whatever it is! Just found out have my Dla 2 more years until PIP starts no doubt but thankful. Although my care has dropped from middle to low so lose £120 and am worse than last time. So have wrote to tell them so.

The thing is got a letter about ESA and was told it would end march 13 so does anyone know what happens then? I am single but my son 25 and mum 83 live with me. I am supposed to look after my mum as her carer but have told them my Son has to do more and more for both of us. But even if I was fit to do some work I cannot leave her on her own for more than an hour.

Any one can help with what comes after ESA runs out I would be grateful


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hi sue , i do not have any benefits so i am unable to help really apart from asking if your Mum claims everything she is entitled to ? , sorry no answers but i am here for you if needed, warm hugs x


I thought that pip will only be for new claims or if you ask for a change of circumstances from April 2013. As for ESA not sure I'm on the old incapacity as yet, which I think I get whilst I am unfit for work. Can anyone help with info on this '!!!!!! Thanks.


Hi Sue,

The work related group of ESA only lasts for year and is on the basis of you being able to return to work within the year, some people have said that they have lost their benefit after the year is up. Have a look on the website - it might give you more info.

The PIP is going to be rolled out across the country from next year and everyone will have to apply for it, as it's not automatically changed over from DLA. When you have to apply depends on your local authority and you should get a letter telling you when to do so.

Also just FYI, a benefits cap is being introduced in Oct, so you cannot receive more than £350 a week if you are single or £500 a week if you have a family/partner (excluding DLA and mobility) If you receive more than those amounts your housing benefit will be cut to bring it down.

Sorry to be the bearer or bad news!

Good luck and big hugs x x


I know PIP is going to replace DLA altogether and there is no automatic transition from one to the other if you already get DLA. It is being abolished and as far as I know those over 64 on DLA may have to apply for Attendance Allowance. For us that means we will all have to put in a fresh claim for PIP, this will be awful especially with ATOS doing the medicals. I am unsure but if ESA is to run out would I be right in assuming ocntibution based ESA, or is it Income related ESA and a reassessment for it. If it is a reassessment then you wil go through the rigmarole of having to fill in yet another ESA50, and then possibly yet another medical. I think the system stinks and they are going about it all worng xxxxx


I have just gut my dla award for 2 years so that's not my immediate concern. It's the ESA part which will run out in March. Can't find anything on the .gov website at all! Very wrong for everyone I agree!


£350 per week I wish! Lol


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