Well Known Key Symtoms & related medical conditions to FMS... Can YOU tick them off? x

Well Known Key Symtoms & related medical conditions to FMS... Can YOU tick them off? x

The Key symptoms to fibromyalgia are mainly..

Musculoskeletal Pain

Heightened sensitivity to Pain


Soft Tissue Tenderness

Numbness and tingling

muscle spasms


Chronic Fatique

sleep Disorders

Cognitive/Memory Impairments

There are also related medical issues.. which are the following..




Temporomandibular Joint Disfunction ( TMJD)

Interstitial Cystitis ~ Painful bladder syndrome

Heat/Cold Intolerance

PMS... Obviously not a symtom for the males but it has been shown tht PMS worsens for women who have fibro.

Restless leg syndrome

Periodic Limb Movement disorder




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  • 17 ticks on that list .. So I guess my diagnosis is correct...

    VG x

  • All the main ones and one of the others :-(

    ((((( gentle hugs fellow Fibromites )))))

    Julie xx

  • I have 18... so I can come to the party! ;-)

  • Yes PainPowerParty... ;-) Sorry to you all.. ( and me).... I forgot to add if anyone has any other symptoms or things "happening" which are new and not on the list?

    We can fight this guys and gals... x

  • I have 20, not sure where these come into as well, chronic constipation, mood swings, tinnitus, excessive sweating, facial swelling, facial and scalp tenderness,

    Thanks for posting this blog, will watch with interest.

    Your fibro friend

  • I have the tinnitus and excess sweating too. I find the tinnitus particularly distressing as it never goes away, just gets even louder when I am tired :(

  • Yes ! I have tinnitus and it drives me potty on occasions, chiefly at night time when there is less ambient noise to mask it although I do hear it if it is quiet at home during the day. It took me ages to figure out what it was . Thought it was something going on in the house or perhaps outside and I used to wander through the house in the small hours from room to room to see if anything electrical had been left on but no.It was when I started hearing in addition to high pitched whistling what sounded like morse code and decided to Google it that the penny dropped. Agree that it does get louder when I feel tired. Not much one can do about this condition and I have read that it is part of the ageing process.Great.

  • I have tinnitus and hearing loss. And I'm a sweatty girl too!

    Julie xx

  • I have the tinnitus and the excessive sweating too, then 17 on the list above. Still to get officially diagnosed yet! Although the GP suggested FM I still have to wait for the Rhuemy to diagnose it! x

  • Hi deelightful... have you been tested for anything else, any other conditions.. and is fibro your only ( as if that isnt enough) condition or do you have others out of interest... As there is a condition called myofascial syndrome which is similar to fibro and again is still being researched.. tinnitus is well known in myofascial pain syndrome, im not sure about fibro... but I can sure sympathise with the sweating... when were you diagnosed? Hugs xxx

  • wish instead it was a list of lottery numbers I be a millionaire!

    great idea lacey.



  • made me smile got the lot xx

  • I have 18of the listed medical conditions plus continuous tinnitus and excesive sweating can I come to the party.

  • 16 for me! :P I think I have a couple of other ones as well, not mentioned - muscle twitching, shooting pains, visual disturbances etc.

  • Okay I reckon I an join too I have 17 ticks plus visual disturbance,

    Do not forget to smile even if it does not make you feel better it raises others spirits! :) xgins

  • only 16, lol, must be 1 of the lucky ones, not to mention c.o.p.d. arthritis

  • 16 I guess - but still such a horrible illness - wish they could just find an answer and get us all better again......

  • 17 + tinnitus! Could your visual disturbance be down to migraine?

    I know I often get this but whereas the headache used to start about 20mins later, I now sometimes don't get the headache. Weird I know. It's hard to describe, but imagine looking at a newspaper. The 3 columns in my central vision are all moving, wavy lines, blurred. The outer vision is clear but as you move your eyes to it, that then becomes blurred etc. This has happened at work occasionally in the middle of writing out a customer order! I have to concentrate intensely & can read the outer writing which is not blurred, but if you "look" too hard, your eyes move to the centre again & you can't see. It's like when you completely relax & your eyes see two different images, but as soon as you "look" they merge back into one.

    I'd be amazed if you understand this, but it's the best I can explain it! & yes I am nuts! lol xx

  • It's called a migraine with Aura or Aura Migraine. The blood vessels in your brain are going into spasm. Fortunately it leaves no lasting damage. Not every migraine has pain strangely enough. The triggers can be the same as with a normal migraine, eg stress, chocolate, cheese; or may be undetermined.

    (If you have lasting damage which has left leisions on the brain you have probably had a stroke or a mini-stroke - although by definition a mini-stroke should resolve within 24 hours.)

    Julie xx

  • hiya i understand where your coming from with the wonky wobbley eyes as i call it! and im also nuts lol but put that down to years of pain, frustration and beening misunderstood! plus all them symptoms and more! sorry to rant on your page, im off to juggle with me meds! gentle hugs to you xx from a nutty fybro figher lol xx

  • All of them plus more but I love the fact we all see the list and think of something funny to say! Love us all!!

  • I dont have tinnitus but do have disturbed vision.. from the onset of my fibro diagnosis I too have been challenged with different "vision" I now need glasses for pc work or reading... I am told it is "as we get older" and it is true that I may have followed in my Mothers footsteps, however for me this happened far too quickly after fibro diagnosis, and fibro was diagnosed very fast ( a year or so) after my last operation.

    Just sharing and ask if you havent already done so and would glady do, to check my fibro primary or secondary post? as I am trying to gather information to see if there is any common thread of cause for this horrible condition Hugs .. x

  • Yep, 17 ticks for me..... oh dear!

  • 17 + sweating, really low today, disturbed painful sleep is getting me down at the moment. Do I go and get my prescription or go back to bed :(

  • Have 20 of them

  • I did'nt count but have most of them. Is Tinnitus when you cant stand noise? If so I am having that bad at the moment lol.

    Thanks & Hugs

    Jac xx

  • Tinnitus is the constant like ringing in your ears I think this is correct... I dont have that but like you too much noise is well just too much. hugs xx

  • just found this...

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Tinnitus ( /t?'na?t?s/ or /'t?n?t?s/; from the Latin word tinnitus meaning "ringing") is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound. Tinnitus is not a disease, but a condition that can result from a wide range of underlying causes: neurological damage (multiple sclerosis), ear infections, oxidative stress,[1] foreign objects in the ear, nasal allergies that prevent (or induce) fluid drain, or wax build-up. Withdrawal from benzodiazepines may cause tinnitus as well. In-ear earphones, whose sound enters directly into the ear canal without any opportunity to be deflected or absorbed elsewhere, are a common cause of tinnitus when volume is set beyond moderate levels.

    Tinnitus may be an accompaniment of sensorineural hearing loss or congenital hearing loss, or it may be observed as a side effect of certain medications. However, the most common cause is noise-induced hearing loss.

    As tinnitus is usually a subjective phenomenon, it is difficult to measure using objective tests, such as by comparison with noise of known frequency and intensity, as in an audiometric test. The condition is often rated clinically on a simple scale from "slight" to "catastrophic" according to the practical difficulties it imposes, such as interference with sleep, quiet activities, and normal daily activities.[2]

    Tinnitus is common: about 20% of people between 55 and 65 years old report symptoms on a general health questionnaire, and 11.8% on more detailed tinnitus-specific questionnaires.[3]

  • Yep I have just ticked 17.....no wonder I dont feel good !!!!! lol xxxx

  • yep 16 on the list, I used to have 17 but I had the occipital nerves blocked to stop the constant headache, I too have the excessive sweating, also loss of hearing, taste and smell. The muscle twitching, especially in my right eye, luckily I wear spex otherwise I'd be in trouble for winking at everyone :/ ooh yes does anyone else embarrassing flatulance :(

    We may not feel good but we are certainly in good company :)

    M xx

  • sorry to smile but yes i do get bouts of embarrasing farting and it mostly seems to happen when im out in public lol and just try and walk away as quickley as im able to, and try to keep smiling! and watch other people looking at each other after ive left the offending smell behind, sorry to smile but if i dont id cry, and yes we arein good company here :) best wishes to you xx

  • Absolutely agree mandy......we are in very good company :)

    Yep I make the list plus several of the extended list but then reading through everyone's posts I have a few more to add of theirs lol. If that wasn't enough I also have lipoedema/lymphoedema, osteoarthritis, lichen schlerosis and gallstones. Lucky or just greedy? lol

    Here's to a great weekend for all of us.

    Elaine x :)

  • I have 18 from the list and going mad from tinnitus a jaw ache, Hiatus Hernia and being a moody bastard. Made the dentist remove teeth to try and cure it that didn't work well what can I say.

  • Having a little chuckle to myself here as I have ticked the whole list bar one... The only thing not ticked is depression lol...Maybe I'm just a happy person by nature? Yes, we all have up & down days & although I've just come back from the Docs & she has yet to receive the letter that I got on Tues.. From the CFS/ME consultant saying she can't say if I have or don't have it as I have too many other issues going on at the same time! So now it's off to the sleep clinic to see if I have sleep apnoea! Go said she is now going to refer me to a Rheumatologist... Hey ho, off to work out what to feed en famille for the weekend




  • Ooh forgot to mention my thyroid probs, No probs with Gall bladder anymore since it came

    out in May2011 but had chronic sciatica sine then! 5 days in a hospital bed doesn't do one any favours when you have a couple of prolapsed disc in the lumbar region :-S ..

    ttfn again



  • 19 for me - glad I missed out on the interstitial cystitis! Bring it on, fibro - I'm ready for ya!


  • 8 of the main symptoms and with my new symptoms of Migraines that started a few months ago, 4 of the others. And I'm still waiting to be diagnosed properly as one Dr at my surgery says I have fibro and one says its age related pain and posture problems!!!

  • can i just add but apart from them we are perfectly healthy ha ha xx

  • u dont have to be mad to have fibro but it helps!

  • Ha ha ha... yes and so am I .. never felt better..;-) xxx

  • Most of them. Also, dry eye; sensitive skin, and twitches in my face. Sometimes with anxiety get palpitations and anxiety attacks. But when I'm on a good patch, these things are mild and manageable. :) xx

  • Ohh Fay, you remind me of my old dog Cally lol

    She had dry eye and wouldn't co-operate with the drops and was going blind. So the vet operated on her and redirected the tube from her salivary gland to her eye (saliva is very similar to tears). He could only do it on the one eye, but every time Cally saw food she cried!

    Julie xx

  • Awww bless her. :) I hope she got better.

    My friend's dog Asti wouldn't open her eye one morning and they later found out she had a cataract & couldn't see out of it. She needs an op ASAP.

    My own dog Amber was such a baby on holiday one day. She had dry eye and it wasn't easy to get her to cooperate with the eye drops! She is such a baby even on a good day!


  • 19 + tinnitus and thyroid problems. Don't even want to think about adding anything extra to the list! xx

  • Thyroid is very common with Fibro; in fact there are suggestions in the medical community that Fibro and CFS/ME are actually Thyroid problems rather than the other way around.

    Time will tell I guess.

    ((((( gentle hugs )))))

    Julie xx

  • I've got 18!

    Tinnitus is a problem, mine is more of a high-pitched whistle than a ring. Have others with tinnitus also got TMJD - possible link? Had my regular TMJ botox injection a few days ago. I was wincing as I got it and the doc said "You'll be glad you don't need this every week!". I told him I'd rather have to go through a couple of seconds of discomfort than have to live with the pain from TMJ as I don't know how I would cope.

    I'm also more than a bit sensitive to noise and light (son thinks I'm a vampire!). Some mornings my eyes just don't want to open, I want to open them but they won't open fully, can take 10-15 minutes to get them to open properly - most weird! There are times when I have problems focussing even with my glasses on - my optician reckons that the Fibro could be partly responsible due to the way it affects muscles around the eye area.

    I used to get migraines that were linked to hormones & severe PMS, not had either since I had my son.

    I have had episodes of excessive sweating but fortunately not too often, it's certainly not a pleasant experience to have what feels like a river of sweat pouring off my head and down my face and the back of my neck!

  • does anyone else have duptrenes ? ( probably spelt wrong ) it is also called trigger finger Margaret Thatcher had it, it is where your fingers are pulled towards the palms of your hand, it can also affect your feet , my GP said the condition means we have the predisposition to it. i am wearing shoes out on the top as my big toe is pulled upwards , more surgery i guess , strangely it started in my hand but stopped but has progressed quickly in my feet. But hey we don't do things by the book.x

  • yep most of the above and others, there is over 60 symptoms of fibro x

  • 16 of the above fatuige a bit but i have hypomaina with ocd so i clean a lot and talk fast!!, i get exsseve sweats and night sweats, oh i get buzzing not ringin in my ears a lot, the thot/cold thing explains a lot im so sensitive to the cold and i see ppl wearing t shirts while im in a winter coat!!! someone mentioned twitches in there face, i get that in my jaw, first time i thoght i might be having a strokegotta stop typing fpr tonight as its killing my wrists, hugs all xxx

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