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an ode to ATOS

hello, I believe there are some people

who work for ESA

and when you've had too much of your pain

they take it all away!

they send you for a Med eekle

and after you have been

they send you a letter to confirm

"you're the fittest one we've seen!"

now go out and find a job

because you have no pain.

you'll be well forever

we won't see you again.

you'll work a full 8 hour day

no more "Ouch!" not even a peep

you'll forget 'cos for you're so cured now -

it even hurt to sleep!

now your days are longer,

and you just dance around

not the "old" 2 step -

move one foot.... hit the ground!

look at all the money they've saved

and we can all relax.

no more funding the sick or hospitals

they'll knock it off their tax!

So don't worry if you are sick,

anxiety, pain, depression.

We'll fix it all and cancer too -

the parliament's in session!

5 Replies

Lol and depressingly true

Thanks for the laugh



tanks vg


oops !

i posted twice.


i loved this and i couldnt have wrote summit like this well done x


Fantastic. Very well written.

You should post it to them & No. 10 lol

Luv & Hugs

Jac xx


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