any fellow friends ever tried a 'mindfullness' course? and if so i would really like your opinions.

I have been on my second course and have mixed feelings. Its all about 'practicing' taking in the hear and now, along with 'practicing' doing a body scan - taking in all the different parts of your body and feeling how they feel. You have to concentrate and try not to let your mind slip into any other thoughts. I found that because of my back pain, it actually caused a negative feeling as i was concentrating on that part, but what i find is that, all through my life with pain ive always tried to distract my mind away from my body, as to try and detatch myself, so i can try not to feel the pain.

Im thinking this course is quite difficult due to having fybro. But i do want to stick at it as its early days plus there is a relaxation part to it aswell.

Love to know if this has ever been offered to you guys or if you have actually tried the course. xxx

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  • Never tried it - like you say it is too much about concentrating on the here and now whereas I find guided relaxation which includes deep breathing and tranquil imagery is really effective for me personally.

    Still what works for one person may not work for another.

    Julie xx

  • yes i agree, i think the relaxation works best but this course isnt physically strenuous so we shall see what i get out of it. trying anything lol xxx

  • I am starting a pain clinic course in January which includes some work on mindfulness. So I too will be interested to hear what others have to say on the subject. Jane x

  • Its something thats not easily done. I think its called 'practicing' as its what the name says. Its interesting, as i say im gona give it a go, maybe the first 'practice' was a fail hahaha. But what ive been told is that there is no right or wrong way in 'feeling' xxx

    ill keep you posted :)

  • Hmm sounds different .... I too have always tried to take mymind away from the pain by doing things I like I love to sing .. That apparently releases natural endorphins to take your mind off the pain ... Mind you so does eating chocolate..... Mmmmmmm can I sing with a mouthful of chocolate....

    If you don't hear from me again it's cos I've choked

    VG x

  • :-) laughing loudly... x

  • i sing too but never hit a good note lol its the kids that suffer lol

  • hi, i do a stocktake each morning to see whats happening . at night when i go to bed i lay still and starting at my feet and working up put my body to sleep and rise above the pain, sometimes it works sometimes not but if it helps its not hurting and has no side effects or addictive qualities , take care xx

  • thats a good idea xxx

  • Hi, I have just started practising mindfulness too - i have found it helpful with my pain management - but I did in the past do what everyone else has described, try to ignore it or distract myself. I think it takes quite a bit of practice to make it work. I am doing it without a course, but it was recommended by a counsellor who is talking me through pacing and mindfulness fits well into helping me get a grip of being aware when I am getting tired by noticing the early signs etc. My big challenge this week is to focus on my emotions and feelings about being diagnosed with fibro. I think this one is going to be more difficult that being mindful of my pain. However, what works for one may not work for everyone, I am finding it helpful at the moment.

    Good Luck xx

  • I think that would be a hard one to do - focusing on emotions and feelings with the diagnosis xx good luck :)

  • Keep going I have done this course and each week takes a different form. It's not necessarily about pain management but about allowing time to yourself to relax. They do one week of guided meditation. I found that laying down to do the longer meditation was better for me as I found it painful to sit on the chair with my back pain and stiffness, also better when you nod off, you don't fall of the chair lol. It's about exploration and some of the things didn't work for me but it was one of the better NHS CBT courses and I have done them all.

  • so a good positive outcome for you then :) i hope to get alot out of it x fingers crossed xx

  • I haven't done the course, but I have been practicing with an audio bookb meditation guide called "mindfulness for pain relief" by Jon kabatt zin. It sound a lot like what you are describing except it is focused on pain relief.

    When I started I had a really hard time doing it because I felt so angry and crap when I focused on a part of my body that was in pain, it took me a long time to get past that feeling and I do sometimes still have it. For me mindfulness is better than just the breathing when I need to relax or all I can think about is the huge pain. There's no music in the background just quiet instructions once in a while so it's also really good for falling asleep to. My favourite part is that he keeps saying to be in the most comfortable position and that if you're mind wonders that is good as long as you try to get back to mindfulness you are doing well, not falling.

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