We shall overcome

We shall overcome

And Heal thyself

I have been in a search for yet another self help book to shoore up the flagging spirits. I find I simply can't engage with a book that has the word. OVERCOMING in the title.

They are numerous and what's more depressing the NHS recommends them. You can get them on prescription apparently. I can't cope with the implied expectation. It's too much. Most of us can't climb Everest surely. Why expect me to.

Overcoming depression.

Overcoming pain. To quote but two.

To throw the word Overcome at me signals that I should be victorious. Really? Now I have done the training on the Pain Management Course. Completed the phsysios mobilisation regime.Have tired my upmost to out manoeuvre and pre empt the body beautiful agenda and move to that zen like state of acceptance that is recommended. Not to mention NLP acupunture, Chinese cupping and hypnotherapy. And a few that have been forgotten. Ive been on manoeuvres for years. I am need of R and R. The body refuses to sign the chit.

But no one mentioned. That I could Overcome. Surely to overcome I must first fight a battle and win. Anyone who suggests that I haven't put up a good fight with my particular battle should proceed with caution. I may not be victorious but I have a well trained rear guard in the form of a supperhyper alert operating system.

Now I find that I obviously haven't tried hard enough or I would have overcome all and have the perfect well behaved mind body and whippet.

How utterly depressing.

Try try and try again to overcome. I simply haven't got the energy.

I spent it all getting cross over a word. My own fault of course.

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  • Have no oomph to overcome anything. Have pain, bone aching deep pain and exhaustion. I overcome passively, by sleeping

  • I love it. Thanks for the smile.

    I am many things but have never master the art of Pacifity.

    Should you write a book. I shall buy it.

  • "Overcoming Passively"

    *that will stop him buying it :P *

    Seriously, I can so relate to that. I've looked at these self help books and they're for a certain type. The authors seem hyped up to a point us mere mortals will never reach.

  • Oh nedd, I so equate with what you have said, I have read so many "self help" books on pain management and positive thinking that I think I've worn out my ability to think, which as everyone here can bear witness to is blatantly apparent !! 😳

    The only things I have found helpful are expensive and well beyond my means and would have to be on an ongoing basis making it even less achievable.

    Therefore acceptance of the things I can't change, challenge myself a little each day, without risk of injury, but as you say the word Overcome doesn't really figure in the equation with me either, as it it more a question of tolerate and get by. I hope this makes some sense, but essentially what I'm saying is I couldn't agree with you moreπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜

  • Tolerate and get by. Offers a better way. With the emphasis on get by I feel. Not jumping the hurdle named overcome and landing in a heap of guilt for falling flat.

    By the way your posts are an aid for the getting by bit. Start my day a treat they do.

  • Overcome would be a battle with yourself ...... not big and not clever..... dont ask how I know this :-)

    The well trained Whippet has many of the survival skills that cope with adversity :-)

    adapting when running around with ears pinned back becomes a non negotiable between mind and body.

  • It does imply to battle with the self rather. Only someone whose been there would know that. So I suggest them that come up with said title provide the gear with no idea.

    Whippets doesn't have many survival skills these days. He relies on his people to problem solve. He only runs in his dreams.

  • Could not agree more, nodding at every word. Thanks for posting.x

  • Nice to know it's not me just being pernickety. Words like music can lift or crush the spirit.

  • I agree completely my friend. To automatically abase the word is to exact some kind of success and we are not all going to be billionaires.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • It's not even as if you can buy a lottery ticket in hope. When you are on the roller coaster either is it.

  • Agree entirely, implication there from begining it is our fault. Over coming cancer, parkinsons, ms etc, no. Love tolerate and get by, I would definitely buy that book !!

  • How about "Overcoming Overcoming: a guide to accepting the shite deal you've been dealt and limping on."

  • I feel crushed already. I think the weight of expectation would flatten me.


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