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Friday, at last. Is anyone else glad it is the weekend, I know I am.

Now I know I work for my self and dog walk and pet sitting but it has been on of those weeks.

The rain hasn't helped and I have been aching sooo much. I seem to have such painful legs at night and they hurt all the time when I go to bed. When I get up in the morning I am like a little old lady, bent over and so stiff.

So Ot is the weekend and I intend on resting. I hope all you lovely people have something nice planned for the next two days.

Piggie hugs xxxxx

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Yes pinki,

I am glad it is here too, I enjoy the weekend, dont ask me why, I just do, and my legs are killing me this past couple of weeks too, the ra in my knees make it so painful to walk up the stairs and down, along with the fibro, I always have to hold the bannisters and go up a step at a time, always have esp since I had a really bad accident on my foot and I was starting to feel a little bit confident on it when I fell again and broke a rib badly, so back to bannistair hugging again and now my fibro pains are worse dont know if its the cooler weather, and my knees are swollen are killing me and I can hardly walk or sit or anything without shouting out in pain and nearly falling, why wasnt I like this the that blasted dla doctor was out at the house?, ah well have a nice weekend, I was baking and cooking with my daughter today and I really enjoyed it, even if she did all the work and I had to sit down and instruct her, I dont know if I'm getting very good at instruting or what but her fish pie and lemon merangue were lovely, lol take care xxxxx


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