Looking good!!

Looking good!!

After my extremely painful flare at the weekend which disappeared by itself yesterday I am pleased to say that it does definitely appear to have gone. Still got some aches in my kidney area. Could that be a sign that my adrenal cortex is coming back from the dead? No other flare I've EVER had has gone away with out upping steroids etc. this one did.

I just hope it's not going to suddenly fall to bits and it all starts up again but at the moment All I've got left is a very minor ache in my legs. I actually ate something last night and enjoyed it instead of forcing it down for the sake of it.

Please let it be the beginning of the end of steroid tabs. I know they might take another 2-3 years to work fully but when you've been on steroids nearly 20 years I think another couple won't hurt.

So here's to hoping!!!!

The pic is how I'm looking this morning. Sort of very slipknotish

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  • Wonderful! you look great. what type of moisturiser do you use? I will have to get me some.

    Thanks for the smile .


  • I agree with mayrose beautiful picture of you!! I didn't know you were into selfies! A big question I have is does your moisturizer contain any alcohol as I am allergic to all alcohol 😟! My only other question is who does your hair!!! It's beautiful!!! Hugs, Regina

  • My moisturiser is castrol gtx and my hairdresser is basil fawlty.

    Have a look at a thread I posted the other day called "illness back after reaction to methotrexate"

    I was I'll then so I looked slightly worse.

    Thanks for the replies.

  • Sorry the name of the thread is illness back after toxic reaction to methotrexate.

    I think you might recognise the character in that pic.

  • Ps the pic on today's post is Corey Taylor lead singer of Slipknot. Probably one of the best live bands I've ever seen and I've seen hundreds. Right up there with led Zeppelin

  • Ok asked son in law he said no way on slipknot. Zeppelin is way better!!!

  • I saw Zeppelin 5 times and Slipknot are right up there as a live act.

  • Wow castrol gtx is sold here too! I just might try it! Although basil fawtly is a new one on me. I will have to read the post

  • Basil fawlty was a very rude hotel manager played by John Cleese from monty Python. the show was called fawlty towers and if you ever get the chance to see it, it is hilarious. They only ever made two series in 1973 and 1975 I believe but may be wrong. Some of sayings on there have almost become part of the language.

    You might find it on you tube j

  • I have heard of slipknot my son in law has talked about them. Will have to ask about the Zeppelin comment though. That's very high praise indeed! Of course being from Texas partial to ZZ Top myself.

  • Slipknot's live show is incredible. I've seen them 3 times, the last time in the prepare for hell tour with korn supporting and king810 on first. It was an amazing show and during korn's set Slipknot came on with them and both bands on stage ripped through the beastie boys sabotage. Just one of those moments you know you'll never forget.

    Ive been gigging now for 45 years. First metal gig was sabbath at the rainbow Finsbury Park London in 1972. That was it. I was hooked. Been going ever since. Love old metal like Zeppelin sabbath purple mk2 &3 right get up to deathcore metal like carnifex or Whitechapel.

  • Huh? Ok I will have to talk to son in law about all that tomorrow night as he went to bed!

  • Oh, yes!

  • Gosh so handsome 😊

    Saw Zeppelin myself more years ago than i would like to admit to just before they became big time. Awesome.

    You must let us have your beauty regime.

    Have a good day.


  • Zeppelin really were the kings of live shows around that time. Deep purple and sabbath close though.

    Now maiden seem to be getting better as they get older. Slipknot deftones korn. All great live.

    As I said my beauty regime is moisturiser castrol gtx

    Coiffure basil fawlty.

    Pete x

  • Definate improvement in the looks department! Glad you are feeling more human and have actually enjoyed eating something it makes such a difference doesn;t it. Fingers crossed for you that you slowly keep on improving.x

  • Yes. It was lovely last night. I found a piece of rump steak with garlic butter (and there's another one in there so I shall be eating that tonight. ) its vacuum packed tescos finest stuff so lasts about 3 weeks in the fridge. Had that with just some sliced tomato. Didn't risk raw onion which I love. Might risk that tonight though. Don't really fancy carbs yet though.

    Then a lovely slice of lemon tart and for the first time in about 4 weeks I fancied a little bit of chocolate. I'm still noticing an intermittent aching on my kidneys. This normally seems to coincide with a drop in pain levels about 15-20 mins later. The only thing I can think of is after being on HC for about a year now instead of pred that my adrenal cortexes are starting to work again. Coz with pred you have cortisol in your blood 24 hours a day. With HC it's only about 10 hours. So if I I need any extra cortisol I have to take another tablet. Or there's only one other place it could have come from. My own adrenals. If they've started to work again I will be ecstatic. I know it'll probably take another 2 years for them to work properly again but at least I know they're still alive as it were, coz most of the time if they really atrophy then they never turn back on and you're stuck on either HC or pred for the rest of your life. I've got to have a cortisol curve test done on Friday. They do one blood test before you take your morning dose of HC at about 9 am. Then you take your morning dose and and wait till 10. They then take another blood test. Then you go home and go back at 3 and they take another blood test before you take your afternoon dose. Of course, if there's any cortisol in the 9:00 am blood test it can only have come from one place. Me.

    So that would be wonderful news because I was pretty sure that my adrenals had packed their bags and buggered off to Florida.

    So here's hoping

    And thanks v much for your good wishes all the time. You've always got my good wishes too.

    Pete x

  • Fingers crossed for you on Friday I do hope it all goes well and that the adrenals have only been on a short holiday to Florida and have taken a jet back. If I don't reply to any of your posts in next few days I am having computer problems and think this one is ailing like me keeps shutting down. It has got to the stage where I don;t think a repair is worth it but with all that is going on at the moment getting the opportunity to go out and buy one and feeling well enough to do that is in the lap of the Gods. Let us know how you get on.x

  • Pretty please, share your beauty secrets with us all, I love the look, fabulous lol x

  • Which look

    The Eddie from iron maiden, the corey Taylor from Slipknot or the Krusty the clown from the Simpsons look.

    For the Eddie look, first you have to be zombie, then look as disgustingly evil as possible.

    The Corey Taylor

    One mask with dreadlockss glued to it. They weren't his own hair.

    The Krusty.

    Get old. Let hair grow long so instead of growing downwards it grows out sideways same with top only this grows upward. Dye hair green then apply clown make up.

    There now I've given most of my secrets away.

    I'll no doubt be sporting a different look again tomorrow. Especially if I'm still feeling like I am tonight. Tonight, I would say is the best I've felt since 2012. Thats a long time. So I'm sitting here watching airplane! For the nth time and I still find it absolutely hilarious.

    Hope you're ok

    Probsbly speak again tomorrow


  • I have changed my look for my latest post

    Called just getting better and better. Why???

    I have adopted a far more intellectual and sophisticated persona tonight. So if you would care to take a look........

  • I am genuinely delighted to read that your flare has ended. I do like the new look my friend?

    Take care


  • Thanks ken

    Feeling better tonight than I have in about 2-3 years. No drugs no morphine to kill pain. It just went. As I have written previously I have noticed a link between an ache in my kidney area and a drastic reduction in aches and pains. Just hoping that it might be my own adrenals starting to wake up. If that's the case I will be the happiest person alive. I know it'll take another 2-3 years for them to be fully up and running but if they are starting to work again, at least there's a chance.

    Hope you're as well as can be

    Cheers Pete

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