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Flupirtine ~ A new drug showing great results for Fibro


Hope everyone is doing ok

I just wanted to discuss this new drug and wondered if any of you had heard of it or indeed take it on a regular basis

Have you found it effective ?

The article I have been reading below suggests it is very effective

Await your comments as very interesting to hear from you all

Take Care

M x

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Looks. Good I wonder why it has not been given to fibro

People before its been available for a few years

I believe it has been in Germany for a lot of years

I also believe it helps but not every one, may e

It's not available here because of the side effects

But they don't seem any worse than any other drug

Interesting to see if any one is on it


Yes I have heard and read about it but in England is only available privately £80 a month I last read and with my intolerance to meds not willing to risk £80 for them not to be better or for me not to be able to tolerate them... Believe me if it was available on NHS I would be hanging onto my gps knees begging to try it .... Though with my knees the gp would have to climb on the table for me to grab his knees.... Interesting thought;)


Hi can you tell me where I can buy this privately please?


Im on an opiate based patch, and this looks like it might be worth blowing the meager £18 per week dla give me to get. After ive experimented with hydrotherapy and accupuncture I might just try it. GP backing is a thing unknown to me so it will make no difference that its not prescribed in UK. They give me very little as it is as I have to pay privately for most (accupuncture/physio etc) Thanks for links

NN :)


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