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New Research a great result

I found this on the web looks promising i copied and pasted it printed it out and took it in for my GP she had not known about this and it makes good reading and the best thing about it is we are not nuts ,well maybe not all of us it is not in our head like( the so called know it all doctors on very high pay why should they care) anyway leave it up to you all to see what you think

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Its very interesting, not sure it explains all the symptoms of fibro such as spinal pain and loss of mobility. But we could have told them for nothing that it is not in our minds! It is very good to know that there is some serious research going on now about fibro, they all seem to be heading for a neurological problem though with is a good step forward. Gentle hugs, and thank you.


Hi i think the article about the shunts in the blood very interesting maybe they will in time have tests of some sort or to evaluate what medicine could be used any more thoughts anyone ??????


Hi tasha2

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? Thank you so much for this, I have downloaded a copy and will have a read of it over the weekend.

Please let me assure you in the most pleasant of manners that I am completely nuts and there is no denying this!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Thank you so much for this. Hope your day will be a good one. xxx


Hi Tasha, I, too, have seen this and printed it out to show my rheumy. She literally threw it back at me and said: 'Don't believe everything you read!' Needless to say I now have a new rheumy and she took the info and said she would look into it. Seeing her again in mid-May so may have more comments then. :-)


I had come across this by accident recently. It looks interesting :) anything that helps and the fact they could see a difference in fibro sufferers and healthy people proves we are I'll :) strange how that makes you feel better knowing that it is a genuine illness with hopefully a cure. Definitely worth reading.

I have to agree with The Author, he is nuts :p but it's the type of nuts I can identify with since I am nuts myself :)

Keep well. Susan x


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