In Search Of The Elusive Early Night. (This post should best be read in a 'David Attenborough' voice!)

"We are today searching for the elusive beast known as 'early night'. Often impossible to find, we are hoping to get a glimpse of it tonight, as whispers of its appearance have been heard. However these whispers have been heard before in these parts so we can't rely on them. But with the two young natives getting homework and bath done without any persuading from mum, perhaps tonight we will get a sighting after all. But what is this rumbling from male youngster? Forgotten homework?! Needs to be done for tomorrow?Followed by female, no bread for sandwiches, then their mothers voice, look in the freezer, no water for the washing up, have to wait for it to heat up, someone put the kettle on, might as well have a cuppa while I wait. Ah well, it would appear that the earlier rumours of a visit from that extremely elusive beast the early night have been foundless. Perhaps when we return to the hunt tomorrow, we may get a glimpse of the elusive beast, the early night."

Good Luck Everyone! Julie xxxx

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  • Aw fluffies on route julie xx

  • I fear you could be only too right. :-(



  • Julie thats brilliant = hope you have a good night xxgins

  • Plaudits to you Julie for handling all that, and fibro have my admiration :-) :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Julie63

    That was very good, well done. I read it to myself in the typical David Attenborough style and it worked a treat.

    I sincerely hope that you manage to find the elusive 'early night' before long

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Morning julie63 that was great, like ken I read in a story tellers voice, it was great only one problem, wasnt long enough lol, I love reading and listening to plays, hope you soon find that elusive sleep, when u do could let us all know so that we can all find it too lol.....gentle hugs...Dee xx

  • Hi Cookie72

    I do a great David Attenborough in my head but it never comes out anything like him if I try to say it! I have got loads of his DVD collections like Blue Planet, Frozen Planet etc. I really love wildlife documentaries.

    Hope you are well my friend?

    Ken x

  • Hi ken yes you are right David Attenborough programmes were great, he has a very unique way of telling the story about the animals and how they survived, and he is still going strong isnt he, we had a load of videos we use to record his programmes every week, but of course can't play them now, so gave them to a charity shop, ...hope you are keeping well my friend and your wife is also feeling better after her fall, ..gentle hugs to you....Dee xx

  • Hi Cookie72

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? That is a shame, I don't have a video player anymore either, everything is on DVD these days.

    My wife has to wear a blood pressure monitor for a while just to keep an eye on how she is doing. Of course, she is moaning that everyone is making a fuss! Poor thing, her mouth is very swollen and her teeth hurt.

    You take care my friend

    Ken x

  • Hi ken so sorry to hear about your. Wife's mouth it must be very sore when she eats , I have a nephew with MS, he has had two rough bouts where he has become paralysed from the neck down for about a week each time, he seems to have taken it in his stride bless him, he got a PHD in physics, a few years ago, he's now gone higher but couldn't say what letters are after his name, but he done some tests to see what could help him ect, he reckons evening primrose was good, he's 53 this year, so far he hasn't had any more bad bouts, but steadily getting worse but seems to be accepting it, which I guess is the best way to deal with something like that , I feel it's worse than fibro, it's very similar I think but the difference is that the organs in MS shut down where as they dont in fibro, am I right... Do wish her a better day tomorrow ..and you too, take care, sending you gentle hug my friend ....Dee xxx

  • Hi Cookie72

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be? Thank you so much for that. It sounds like he has the remitting type of MS, but they are all horrid anyway! He has done really well for himself, you must be very proud. It is not easy when you have a disability to fight for what others take for granted.

    I took my wife for some more tests today, she really wasn't happy but she knows that they have to be done. She is really struggling to eat at the moment and she isn't a big lady so I will keep my eyes on this.

    I really hope that you are feeling better today my friend?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi ken, i couldn't sleep so I've just finished a pile of ironing for five people, am worn out now lol,and I shall suffer for the rest of the day especially the right arm muscles, never mind it will be a relaxing day as Dexter the puppy will be going in the vets for the snip, poor little fellow, still it may calm him down and it is one of the stipulations when you get them from Battersea dogs home, luv him to bits but he is way too lively for me and strong, haven't got the power now, but he is great company thru out the day when they are all at. Work, ( I live with my daughter and family ) thanks for listening, have nice day, and hope you manage to get some sleep, ..gentle hugs my friend ....Dee xxx

  • Love this, and its so true :) ! Can relate. Gemmalouise :)

  • Very good I hope you soon find `The elusive early night` lots of valerian laced hugs sue xx

    .PS you could always share them with your family. So that you all get an early night :D

  • I like that suggestion sue xx LOL

    Did you know that valerian and catnip were related??

    Have you ever let your cat play with a carrier bag and wondered why it went nuts?

    It's because they're coated in a valerian type substance!! the bags not the cat's :o

    There you go I remember daft things like that but can't remember to switch the kettle on :o

  • I'm on :P

  • I could actually see David Attenborough saying it as I read it, very amusing. Keep a look out, someone is bound to have a sighting....Susan :)

  • Hehehe. The brain is a wonderful thing isn't it? Not only could I see and hear him, I remembered a Spike Milligan sketch where he took off Attenborough. He was on all fours crawling up Penge High Street looking for the rare tribe "Cock - a Knees"

    I wish you success in your search. I slept reasonably well recently but still don't do a full night though I know I've had some REM too :)

    On a lighter side, does anyone want to take this over to playtime? Run a spoof alongside the real thing?

  • Good luck for tonight.

    Sweet dreams.

  • You're an inspiration. Looks like you have good coping strategies. We're all looking for it. I'll let you know if I catch a glimpse. Good luck. :)

  • Elusive early night.........HA. its not a rumour, its a joke.!

  • Hi Julie, just to let you know it has been sighted!!!!! I saw your elusive early night beast. Since the initial sighting a few days ago I have managed to sight it at the same time every night :)

    If I stay really quiet I Will try to see if there is a partner, it could possibly be spring breeding time. If so capture of the breeding pair could be in order.

  • Wow tiredalot, that is brilliant news! You have been really lucky, and to poss have found a breeding pair is nothing short of a miracle! If successful, you could start a herd, like the fluffies, you could send them across the board to fellow fibromites! Good luck, Julie xxx

  • That would be my intention, but if fibrofoggiest slept all night we might not get any pics of the day :) I am off very shortly to try and capture your elusive beast and hopefully a partner. Will send you a baby one if i am successful :p

  • No pic of the day?! Well if that is the price we have to pay for foggie, and all, to have a baby early night, then it is a small price to pay. No, we must find where foggy finds the pics and find a way of posting them so that she and all who brighten the dark, get their own little bundle of joy. Hopefully you are already acheiving your early night by now, so will speak more tomorrow, I'm going up to bed now, about 1-1 1/2 hours earlier than last night, getting better! Hugs, Julie xxx

  • Waited last night and have successfully captured a female early night :) have been informed that the male (being more aggressive is harder to capture!) I have set the trap, using my beautiful female early night. Hopefully I will be able to capture this elusive male and start my breeding project....wish me luck then I will send baby early nights to all that need them. It is a beautiful creature when you get up close, but a little nervous so go quietly I don't want to disturb her. Slept again last night, hope you did too, I am already on a stalking mission to find foggies cache of pics, but they are well guarded and she knows I was stalking, need help! Hugs, Susan xxxx

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