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Fibro group to chatsworth house

Fibro group to chatsworth house

The glossop fibro group went to chatsworth house today, it was a fabulous time with many rooms and fantastic paintings hanging on the wall.

The weather was great if you was a duck but besides that the staff was great as at the moment I use a powerchair to get about .

With the wet weather the house was quite busy but I managed to take a few pictures (220) lol and of the group on the bus on our way home.

The home is run by the earl of Devonshire and there's a family history on the wall from the first earl to the presant.

I would recommend a trip to chatsworth as they have many activities through out the year and the gardens are beautifully but as it was raining we decided to give that a miss .

The picture is of the main dining room .

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Glad you had a nice day I love old houses. Never been to Chatsworth but it looks very grand

Storm x


How lovely I have been but only at Christmas an it was glorious keep meaning to go again! xgins


Aww glad you enjoyed it and was able to get around. I live about 10 15 minute drive away and have never been into the house itself how bad is that. I have been to the gardens though and it is beautiful. Enjoy looking at all your pictures as reminders of a good day, the dining room looks beautiful :) x

lozzalou x


Love the picture ... Loved the blog it's nice to hear of fibro groups meeting up and having fun

Thanks VG x


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