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Does anyone else find it difficult to attend fibro support groups due to the times they are held?

I cannot attend my local groups as I work 9-5 Monday to Friday, I old like to meet others like me however and that is what brought me here. Does anyone else have this problem?

Has anyone else found a way around this - I guess this is really my question? Is there a way of getting to know others?

I am more able than many who come here but I think the support might be good for me, seeing others in perin might be good for me, doing activities with some others that we can all enjoy and having understanding if we need to stop.

Hopefully if there's not anything out there yet maybe some of you would like to help start something?


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I have just put a blog on myself about the very same subject!

I work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, and would love to meet up with other Fibro people too,


I would also like to meet up with others, but as far as I can tell there is no group in my local area. And I also work, although I have some flexibility over the hours. Not sure whether I would be in a fit state to attend in the evening though. I have already had to drop some activities because I'm just too tired at the end of the day!

Where abouts are you?



Hello K, thanks for your message I am sure many of us can relate to all you say. It's a common problem trying to find a group where the times are suitable. Some groups hold meetings in the evenings which would make it impossible for me to go as I start to sink a bit then. Early in the mornings is impossible too, so early afternoon would be best. There isn't anything near where I have recently moved to unfortunately.

For anyone who is interested in looking through our Support Group Directory, here is the link to take you there. I hope you all find something near you -

(((hug))) xxx



Before I check out Libs website I thought I would answer your question. ;0) Thanks Lib.

I am in the same boat, I work 8.30 to 4, Monday to Friday in a school and am too tired to go anywhere in the evenings. The only answer would be for there to be one held at the weekend. So, if there are none in my area, maybe I should consider setting one up? I wonder what that would involve and whether I would regret it? How did I come to this conclusion? It was the answer I was going to give you and then realised it was an answer for me too! ha ha, life does work in mysterious ways. I may need to get in touch with the local group first though, don't want to tread on any toes and maybe they would be willing to take part/do it/help...we shall see.

I am in East Sussex. I really do not want to reveal whereabouts - sorry, although I trust most of you, I don't trust everyone. I will pop something in the local paper to find out the interest if my local group don't mind and don't want to take part.

Maybe you could pop something in your local paper asking? Our paper holds a groups page - might be worth asking them it they have any records or checking out the library. Oh, yes, that involves a treck into town. Maybe I ought to give it a try.

Soft hugs and happy new year everyone


Yes I have also thought of this- perhaps something informal where we could arrange coffee of tea somewhere and we could just meet if we an make it and if no one can make it a particular time we move it until there are more than 3 people able to attend. Then see where that takes us. For me also the weekend seems like a good time x


I can make it once would be in the afternoon but that's once or twice a year. Yet, it's a good point because nobody seems to realise that it's very hard for many us to actually make any appointments at all - not even doctors, which really doesn't help.


Yes most of them are held in daytime while I am at work- fulltime mon-fri so not accessible and I am wayyyy too tired at night. I agree weekends but it would also depend on how wrecked I am after wroking all week. So online support it is! :)


Just being on this site is enough for me. I checked before after reading Libs blog and there is no support group in my area. If there was chances are i would not go. Not my sort of thing. I am pretty much a loner and I find even going to the carer centre daunting. But I hope you find something and if not I hope we can offer you support and understanding along the way xxxxx


I think that the groups would be more beneficial if

- they were held in the evening and

- twice a month too - just in case you can't make one group/date/time it means you won't have to go so long before you have face to face contact with other sufferers.



Unfortunately as they are almost always run by volunteers and may be dependent on when they can access a venue, it isn't always possible to cater for everyone.

If you contact your nearest group, they might be able to pass your details along to someone else in a similar situation who you could meet up with.


I started a group in north wales after joining a north Wales Facebook site and started meeting for coffee every month at different locations many a time on my own but persevered till a year later we have a hall and monthly meetings I would definately say do it as it's great meeting people who can understand x


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