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help on meds please

just been to drs as had bad headaches for weeks, pain clinic told me to up codeine to 60 mg on severe headaches,,, now normal Dr as told me to come straight off codeine ( 3 x 30 mg daily) and just take paracetamol 500mg 4 to 6 daily, now i thought from previous times that this dose is low and for mild pains, i also take 1000mg naproxen daily and pregabalin 75mg x2 daily,and citalopram 20mg does anyone else take 500mg x1 up to 4 to 6 times a day for the pains of headache, osteoarthritis and fibro and is it working, or should i go back and demand stronger painkillers, any help please xx

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There seems to be a bit of a flap on with doctors and NICE (the people who set the medical guidelines) about codine and it being adictive.

That is all very well, but leaving people without an alternative is just not working is it? I think the best thing is to go back to your GP and ask for an alternative painkiller if you are being refused codine.

Julie xx


Codeine is addictive, and can cause/contribute to headaches if used regularly for a prolonged period. That said, Julie is quite correct, and many people take max-dose codeine every days for many years without being advised otherwise. Is this just a fibro thing, do you know? Are they in a flap about us taking it because they can't find a reason for our pain in the first place?

Either way, as Julie said, paracetamol is NOT an alternative for chronic or severe pain. Your GP needs to be giving you your codeine, or finding a suitable (and similarly strong) alternative.

Sara xx


my daughter was on codine after her op for thyroid cancer and they took her off it as they said it was very addictive and told her to take parocetamol instead .i can see codine being addictive but paracetamol must be one of the cheapest meds so i often wander if its cut backs thats really behind it


thanks everyone, had a bad night n having a bad morning so going to book another appointment and see what happens xx


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