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Hi I have not been on this site for a while. Seem to have lost touch with so many things lately. Just wondering if anyone can suggest anything to ease exhaustion. My doctor prescribed naproxen as a painkiller. However, I noticed it was not easing the aches and pains much, and not sure if this was linked with my depression. Anyway at the weekend I take codeine, not many, but I have noticed I do get some relief, also a little well deserved energy. I have been told of family and friends not to take codeine but they don't have fibromyalgia, so do not understand the symptoms. In Fact it is nice just to talk to some people without feeling you are moaning.

Thanks for listening x

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  • Hi karran12 welcome back my friend 😀that's the great thing with the forum, you can come & go as you please & not have to worry.

    Naproxen are more for inflammatory conditions. Have you got arthritis and fibromyalgia ? Common symptoms with fibro are anxiety & depression I'm afraid and a lot of people with fibro tend to take some form of antidepressant. I think a lot of it is being in chronic pain, its enough to depress anyone. Amitriptyline is a common drug given to help fibro, along with Pregablin or Gabapentin, simple explanation is, helps nerve pain. I take this medication and Codeine 30/500 and I wear a slow release Butrans Patch. My gp said to me once, why be in pain when you can take pain killers. If you are in severe pain my friend, you need relief. So don't listen to advice that will leave you in pain my friend. A few cocodamol at the weekend is very good, I wish I could limit till the weekend.

    Luv Jan xx

  • thanks for that. I have had an awful day today, and just someone saying they understand means so much. Yes I have plenty of anxiety and depression as you said it is part of the condition. The exhaustion is not nice. It is like someone holding you back when you are trying to walk. My doctor which I have now is much better. I had to change surgeries, as my last one was hopeless. I more or less diagnosed myself, as they did not want to know. It seemed to start in my legs, however when I told my doctor how painful they were she sent me for an X ray. The result was the doctor's receptionist telling me it was wear and tear, and nothing serious. It was not until I went back to the doctors complained of pains in by hip, which was out of shape, she then decided to send me to see a physiotherapist. The therapist then realised that he could not touch my legs because of pain. This lead me to being referred to a specialist who did the diagnosis.

    Its a lonely place sometimes, as it is hard to explain to family that you have no energy, and the simple things like opening a package is too hard to do. I like my cushions and throws to wrap myself up in, not because I am cold but just love the comfort. I also have support gloves that help my hands when they go in pins and needles. I have by own way of coping as you all probably do. I really appreciate all your replies thank you so much xx

  • naproxen is the next level up from ibprophen. they dont like giving us diclofenic any more. no idea if its better or cheaper. codiene will result in you haveing a bag full of constipation meds. [mine is huge] i take tramadol which is the same thing only synthetic and has the same side affects with me. ive come off all pain meds except diazipam [muscle relaxent not for the odd panic attack i get but never tell the doc about incase she notices the diazipam] and i will be discussing with her what my body is doing now next time i see her. ive had fibro for 17 years and they just kept topping up tablets and fire fighting. its fine until you are smuggling your enormous carrier bag and paper bag full of meds to the car hoping no one notices. especially when you realise that most of them are for the side affects of the other meds. we will discuss electric sparks up my toes and fingers for instance. i never knew i had those. hope it helps

  • I did ask for diclofenac but my doctor as you said would not give it to me. I have been given amitriptyline to help me sleep, which can help me get some sleep. Can you drive with diazepam? this is why I tend to take codeine at the weekend when I don't drive. Thanks for all your help xx

  • yes as i only take 2 mg at night and if i am all twisted and tense with pain in the morning i can take another 2mg but i prefer not to drive on it. sometimes if i have to go somewhere when i am struggling i may take one just as i leave as i know it will take 15 mins to take effect. other occasions i will take on when i am at the event to relax my muscles. i never drink. my liver is fatty enough with out adding alcohol to the mix. i dont go out much anyway at night.

  • Hello :)

    It's nice to see you back.

    Unfortunately there is not much at all that helps with the fatigue and lack of energy.

    There are plenty of pain killers that you can try, but it's best for your GP to decide what to try you on.

    Sadly with Fibro, what works for one person is another's poison.

    Are you currently taking anything for depression? If you are prone to it, it's not a bad idea to stay on a low dose of antidepressants.

    I've had Fibro, ME, depression and more for 36 years.

    Wishing you a peaceful evening

    Lu xx

  • Hi karran12 Welcome back Hunni so sorry to hear you are in so much pain it is awful when you feel you have no energy and feel exhausted. Family and friends often struggle to help either they do not understand or they feel that seeing the loved one in such much pain is too painful.

    Lots of medication is linked to depression or side effects impact on it we can feel so exhausted because of side effects so it is good to rest as much as you can. Please never feel you can't air you feelings as it is good to let then out and can ease your mood.

    Please keep posting and rest assured we will be here to support you along the way :}:}:}

  • Hi karran12

    It is absolutely wonderful to hear from you my friend. There is an alternative to Codeine and Naproxen (NSAID's) and it is an analgesic painkiller, so you can still take your other pain killers at the same time. The one that I use is called Nefopam, and I have pasted an excerpt form the * cache on this below:

    *Nefopam Hydrochloride belongs to a group of medicines called analgesics, commonly known as pain killers or pain relievers. The active substance, nefopam hydrochloride, interrupts the pain messages being sent to your brain, and it also acts in your brain to stop pain messages being felt.28 Apr 2017

    As for your exhaustion, there is a Parkinson's Disease drug called Amantadine that my wife takes for fatigue with her MS. I have pasted an excerpt from the **everydayhealth cache below:

    **Amantadine is the generic form of the brand-name drug Symmetrel, which is used to treat and prevent respiratory infections caused by the influenza A virus. It can also treat symptoms of Parkinson's disease, such as stiffness and shaking, and conditions that are similar to Parkinson's disease.31 Oct 2014

    These are two drugs that you may feel are worth discussing with your doctor to ascertain if they are suitable for you? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Yes thank you i'll do that. It is interesting about the Amantadine. My partner has parkinson's and he once suggested this to me. Thank you again x

  • Good luck my friend x

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