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What should I expect from the doctors??

As some of you who have read and commented on my last 2 blogs you will understand that I have hit the depression stage. I can't feel my mood improving and right now I can't see me feeling better without some help so I have booked an appointment on wednesday to see the gp and I just wondered what sort of things I should expect from him. What sort of questions have other people been asked by their gp regarding depression and what sort of respoonse did people get from the gp. I'm worried he will brush Me off as being over dramatic or not believe me.

Thank you


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Hi hjones ~ Bless you im sorry you are feeling this way... this is a sub-condition of fibro... and I totally understand your low ebb...Try and explain as best you can your feelings and how it impacts you, be honest to your GP, if he/she is compassionate to responsive to understanding your condition then they will not be suprised and should offer support of some kind... I dont think that you will be "brushed off"... mental health is soooo important and goes hand in hand the way a person can feel physically... So for now.. try and be gentle with yourself, be "nice" to you... and try and remain as positive as you can.. yes it can be difficult, but you are very very special and brave... Can you watch a comedy.. laughter can help no end...even if its only short term... getting some fresh air and connecting with nature can help.. do you have a garden you could sit in for a short while? or some friends who could visit and have a good natter ... I havent read your other blogs... and so am answering here a bit blind.. im still trying to find my way around the site and at times find it a bit overwhelming.. Anyhow honey its late.. sleep isnt coming but I MUST address it and try and settle. Hope you feel a little better soon.

"To be kind to others, we first must be Kind to ourselves"

Hugs xxx


Thank you, I have noticed that my pain yesterday was quite bad, not as bad as it has been at times but worse than it should have been considering I hadn't really done anything which I think is down to the low feeling I've got at the moment aswell



I too agree with watching something funny - may sound daft when uour low but it gives you a lift. Xxx


Morning Hjones,

What a brilliant answer from Lacey, I should just like to add that apart from compassion and understanding of Firo condition. Try an get referral to a Rhuematologist (excuse spelling)

your Doctor will also want to take blood tests to rule out things. Your Blood pressure as well

If you feel that the appointment is not answering your questions a little tip I have found myself bursting into tears that usually makes them think harder. Seeing a Physio may help

Good luck hun chin up x gins


Hi, I've had all the blood tests and referalls done already, I'm just waiting for a referall to the pain clinic now so god knows how long ill be waiting!



Hi , can totally understand where you are coming from... Are you already on anti depressants ... Lots of us are on them not just for depression but for sleep / anxiety... Apologies if you are and already know this....personally I have never found counselling helpful.... Unless you can find a fibro councillor they just don't get it..... Please go to your gp and explain fully how you feel.....if you are too tearful... Write a letter before hand and give it to him while you sit there weeping ... Yup I have done that... Or take someone who can speak for you .. My OH is great at that in a good way. Basically please please go to your gp.... I had a mini breakdown due to trying to grin and bear it etc etc... Ended up in hospital with police guard having lost a few hours and clumps of hair..... No sympathy for my fibro or pain and realised just in time they were set to take me to a battered wives shelter cos they thought my husband had beaten me.. Lol he is my rock I couldn't imagine being apart from him.... Turns out hospital gp with limited English had decided himself what was wrong with me ..... He was so far away from the truth it was a joke they withheld my meds so I was in so much pain ... Promised social worker council ing and nothing ever happened.... My gp sorted me out after the weekend... And with the meds and help I have had blips but nothing like the previous episode.

Wishing you all the best

Hugs VG xx


Hi HJ, I have also been diagnosed with depression by the doc at the pain clinic. I am coping well though as my medication helps. However, I have a couple of friends who have suffered badly with depression and they both found a way out of it via cognitive therapy, They both managed to get this on the NHS via their GP. Might be worth considering if you have not tried it already? Do let us know how you get on.

Take care. Jane x


I wrote down exactly how I was feeling.....I knew I wouldn't be very coherent face to face. He found it helpful. Just a thought.


I was just about to tell you to write it down i always go into the doctors with a list .. as i read threw i see you already had this great advice .. you can also ask for some counselling ?

gentle dyslexic hugs


Hi there, when it comes to depression Dr's are qualified to understand and how to deal with it , i went through a severe depression 16 yrs ago

They sometimes ask on scales 1-10 how you are feeling in a variety of questions, but you have to tell the Dr you feel depressed and how often your crying and if you are like a hermit ( staying in doors away from the world) if you have any unwanted thoughts like if your world is so low you do not want to be around anymore.

They will understNd and will give you an anti-depressant to help relax you and sleep you should keep updated on your meds if prescribed, ie any of the side effects usually i say 2 wks to get any where, if you feel worse on 2 weeks see the Dr again and will be changed .

I am not a Medical Profession i merely try help on my experience and i worked in pharmacy for 8 yrs!

Amitryptiline is usually 1st prescribed but if you are already on this for nerve relaxant then do see GP .

Hope this has helped a little and lots of hugs and please do talk to us about anything you do not or cannot to family xxxxxxxxxsoft hugs


Ohh they will sometimes offer counseling too which is a help! :-) xx


Thank you, today has been the first day in just over a week that I haven't cried which I'm pleased with! I have stayed in more than I usually would hiden under my hoody on the sofa apart from when I have had 2 work but I forced myself out thursday and today as I know when I'm with people I don't feel as down. I don't really like to show people how I am really feeling (its only this site and a coouple of people who know how down I have been) so when I am with people I plaster on my happy face and everything seems. Ok for. A little while at least. My mum is coming with me to the doctors for some support as she has suffered depression in the past herself. I was very wary of any medication but I think I've come to accept that I just need a little bit of help getting through this stage as right now I don't see It ending and I'm just not myself. I have no real desire to do anything be that housework, cooking or anything really which is very unlike me . I also suffer from tourettes syndrome and I have physical tics rather than vocal and the last 2 days I have noticed a huge increase in them which is when I know I am not quite right. X


Hi Berthy

Not sure where you are but i am Uk . So woken up and checking mail.

You have done a brilliant thing by 1stly admitting Depression and as for loved ones that is upto you to tell them but if you avoid everyone they will wander so i would tell them

But if you have friends round tell them you need laughter and suppport to try help keep you up beat, dont be shy way, sort with Dr 1st get some help and sounds like you got a great mum too.

I have to try get up and wrk today got a new girl starting, but was so weak yesterday i was in bed alllllll day, was fine in bed until i got up and then just alll over weakness.

Inboxif want to chat your cery welcome.



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