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Hi all, sorry for shouting but I need help. My best friend has fibroids. Now for the help, she has so many clauses, she wants a female consultant, in London on the NHS who will do a myomectomy to someone who is 50 years old.

I know she was there for me when i had two deermoid cysts removed 9 weeks ago, but I can't help her and I feel awful, I no longer have the brain power to surf the net, I have FM, CFS, FD, RA and tiredness is the killer, I just about keep my stength for work.

So I have turned now to the people who do help yourselves, as you've gone through this.

Please help me help my friend.

Thank you.

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Has she seen this?

She may have get a referral from her doctor, not sure if it is any good.?

They have 2 women consultants.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


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