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I’m asking for advice please as my reconsideration on my pip has been rejected. I am now going to have to go to a tribunal and I’m really scared. Is there any authorities that can help ?? Who do I turn too what do I do?? I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and raynauds syndrome and mental health problems. I also use a mobility scooter as can’t walk far and a walking stick. I have a mobility car but have got to give that back now so I’m totally stranded and severely depressed and stressed THANKS PIP ASSESSOR!!!!!!

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Of course your Mandatory Reconsideration was rejected, Peppapot1 😁, they mostly are. It's the way the system works, so the government can save money that's needed by disabled citizens in order to fund tax cuts for their fat cat friends. Welcome to the club 😎.

So now you make an Appeal to the Tribunal Service. There's nothing "scary" about that 😊. It's the DWP who should be scared, as they are "the accused"!

First step is to phone your local Citizens Advice or the Council's Disability Rights Officer. They'll take you through the process. It's not hard, because the Tribunal is reevaluating the evidence you already submitted.

It's all a bit of a faff, and it'll take ages before you get a Tribunal date. That's the government's intention. They hope you'll find the stress too much, that you'll give up and go away.

Don't give up, Peppapot1. Phone the PIP helpline and request a copy of the decision report from the Mandatory Reconsideration. Once you have this, you can contact the Tribunal Service.

Meanwhile, your local council Disability Rights Officer should be able to advise on local volunteer groups who will help with lifts to places you need to get to, as well as shopping and so on.

Be sure you keep in contact on this forum, as you'll get lots of support, help and advice. We know what you're going through, as we've been there ourselves.


Peppapot1 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your support and advise I just can’t believe the way the system works now as it’s against us. It makes me feel ashamed to be disabled and we should not have to go through this stress it’s such a farce.

Hidden in reply to Peppapot1

Do not ever feel ashamed of disability! The people who should be ashamed are the government.

You are not alone. You are in the right. And now you must find the determination to fight back against a system that is so malevolent that even the United Nations has seen fit censured the British Government (and that's unheard of).


Sorry to hear pepper.i would first try phone the council to see if they have wellfair rights they are good and will go to appeal for you.if not try cab phone around tomorrow

Peppapot1 in reply to Ajay575

Thank you I will definitely need help I won’t cope on my own I will just clam up.

Ajay575 in reply to Peppapot1

Try that tomoorow and next week if that fails you can get advice wot to do next

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